Poker Books to Read in 2015

booksMost famous poker players are always inquired about the books they referred to enhance their skill of extermination they use on their opponent. Moreover, the most important part is this is one question that usually asked by people, who are either new to the game or are non-players. After all, people who are into the game even if on inconsequential level, they are well aware that these are the skill one cannot learn from books (though can understand the facts and basics for sure). As because if one is interested in staying with the game one has to come up with their style and strategy to make sure they are winning something to continue further.

No doubt, there are few who find it much easier to refer to any activity when they approach the same with the help of well-kept records. However, even to understand those documents as well, it is important that they you are aware of the basics that assisted in forming the base for excellent books. Thence, below are few facts that will help you in getting a formal introduction to the game.

Below you can find a list of upcoming poker books in 2015, which would entertain you either with the facets of the game or fiction related to the same, just make sure that you stay ready to grab your piece of entertainment before time and edition run out of hand.


1. Jonathan little online no-limit cash games: – the practice (release date – February 7th, 2015)

By – Jonathan Little

If you are out to learn the game, it is best you learn from a professional. After all, they know what are the ups and down’s with every step and every bet you might make at the Poker table. Thence, the very first on our list is all about what experts think about the game and discovering the view with which they enjoy the game.

This book by leading professional Jonathan Little, would help you in understanding and mastering the complexity of this captivating game. The first (Jonathan Little on Live no-Limit Cash Games, Volume 1: The Theory) in this series helped you understand how the professional play no-limit cash games. And this time it is all about practicing the facts you learned in the last class. How to handle complex situations while being the part of No-limit Cash play, has always been an important question, but no more, as with the question and answer format used in this book, reader are provided with a chance to get a better view of the game.


2. Fading heart on the river – a life in high stakes poker (release date – may 12, 2015)

By – brooks Hoxton

‘Multi-Million dollar stakes and a series of nationally televised poker tournaments’ – this book is more than just finding the basics and facts about the game. Rather, it would be better to mention that this book would take you on a journey with a writer father and a son who opted for an unlikely profession of Poker player. A journey where a father would be a part of his son life while he would win more in one hand compared to what Haxton has ever earned from all this books.

In short, this is a crafted story were you would not only enjoy the journey, but would be introduced to the financial strategies and complicated steps of the game. A book that will introduce you to magic cards, to chess, lost love, medical mysteries and positively to Texas Hold’em. Fading heart on the river is a father’s viewpoint towards professional gambling and the one’s family’s experience of playing the odds.


3. molly’s game – from Hollywood’s elite to wall street’s billionaire boys club, my high stakes adventure in the world of underground poker (release date – January 20th, 2015)

By – Molly Boom

“True story of ‘Hollywood’s poker princess’ in her words, who gambled everything, won everything, and them lost it all.”

A life without rules was a dream Molly Boom fantasize of while she was still a young girl in a small Colorado town. A life that would be free of assessment and in which she can be anything she wanted to be. This book would help you, experience and understand the adventures Molly Boom experienced while running an exclusive high-stake private Poker center for some of the most persuasive and compelling clients like billionaires, politicians, athletes, financial titans and Hollywood royalty like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck.

More to add this book tells you a story of surviving Russian and Italian mobs fearlessly, but losing all fights against united states government. All in one line this is a story which tells you how a determined woman gained everything and then lost it all.


4. The Complete Practical Guide to Poker and Poker Playing: Learn From The Professionals: How To Beat The Odds At Poker With Winning Strategies, Skills And Tactics (release date – march 7, 2015)

By – Trevor Sippets 

As you can make out from the name itself, this is one book you must pre-order if you are planning to infiltrate into the field of Poker at professional level. After all this is one comprehensive illustrated handbook (visual) which will provide you the details of the game, then be it game history, rule, tips or techniques.

Be it Seven-Card Stud or Texas Hold’em, this is one book that will help you in making an entry into the world of card games in skillful manner.

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