2015 Aussie Millions: 3 more titles down, Rahul Byraju finishes in money in PLO


Kicked off on January 23, 2015 Aussie Millions Poker Championship saw completion of three more events namely $2,500 8-Game Mixed Event, $1,150 No Limit Hold’em Six-Max Event and $1,150 Pot Limit Omaha Event. India’s Rahul Byraju ran deep in $1,150 Pot Limit Omaha event gallantly finishing in 17th position.

$2,500 8-Game Mixed Event

This year Oliver Gill finally won his maiden championship title after effortlessly knocking down a strong field of 46 entrants in the $2,500 8-Game Mixed Event. For claiming gold ring and $38,815, he defeated a couple of seasoned veterans like Australian poker pro Sam Khouiss, Norwegian crusher Mikal Blomlie, and Canadian pro Jonas Mackoff.

Gill played heads-up battle against Tony Bloom with a two-to-one advantage. The pot was three-bet pre-flop before both players committed on a flop of d4 s5 c2. Gill had cA sA s6 dQ and Bloom had hit the flop pretty hard with d5 h2 d6 d7.The h7 hit the turn but it was dA on the  river that brought Gill a set of aces which was good to collect the pot and the victory.

The Top 5 Players of $2,500 8-Game Mixed Event:

Players Prize
Oliver Gill $38,815
Tony Bloom $26,395
Sam Khouiss $17,075
Mikal Blomlie $11,900
Jonas Mackoff $9,315

$1,150 NLH Six-Max Event

Perth resident Sean O’Reilly defeated a field of 496 entrants to earn his first Aussie Millions championship gold ring by winning $1,150 No Limit Holdem Six-Max Event. This six-handed format event is usually played by the top best players of the world who are disciplined in poker.

O’Reilly started Day 2 of the $1,150 No Limit Hold’em Six-Max Event with the second lowest stack among the 13 returning players, but till the time he reached the final table, he already had a strong chip lead. The player from Western Australia stood strong against prominent Canadian female poker pro Xuan Liu heads-up to win this event. In the heads-up, the cards dealt to O’Reily were dK s2 and hA s10 to Liu.The board ran h6 s8 d2 dA hK. It was the river king that made two pair for O’Reily to reap a dominant victory! For this title, O’Reilly secured $107,200 in prize money and the coveted gold ring.

The Top 5 Players of $1,150 NLH Six-Max Event:

Players Prize
Sean O’Reilly $107,200
Xuan Liu $71,500
Bobby Zhang $52,500
David Urban $41,000
Shivan Abdine $30,500

$1,150 Pot Limit Omaha Event

Texas resident Ryan Dodge has conquered a field of 244 entrants to emerge triumphant in the $1,150 Pot Limit Omaha Event. Dodge entered the final table with a chip lead and maintained consistency to win this title. Finland’s Mikael Koistinen lost to Dodge in the heads-up round wherein Koistinen was dealt hA s9 c5 d5 while Dodge held sQ h9 h7 c7. When the board ran c10 s7 s5 h10 d7 , Koistinen tabled fives full of tens but Dodge’s rivered quad sevens were more than enough to crown him the new champion. This is Dodge’s biggest career achievement till date as he collected $65,050 in prize money and the championship gold ring. Indian poker player, Rahul Byraju played strategically to finish in money in the 17th position. Don Mishra on Indian Origin bagged $18,755 for his 4th place finish on the final table.

The Top 5 Players of $1,150 Pot Limit Omaha Event:

Players Prize
Ryan Dodge $65,050
Mikael Koistinen $41,265
Phillip Siddell $23,260
Don Mishra $18,755
David Wang $15,630

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