2015 PCA Main Event: Juan Etcheverry Leads on Day 3

pca-2014-os-header_optThe Day 3 of 2015 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) Main Event saw 175 players who wanted to achieve one goal of making money and to be among the last 119 standing. it would be Juan Etcheverry who ended the day with the chip lead with 1,704,000. The tournament made headway when the money bubble approached. Connor Drinan played five-bet shoved with A♠ 3♠ against  Chance Komuth who held Q Q♣. His cards didn’t work well and he finished at 121st rank. Next came Arne Kern with A♣ K♠ who went all-in and take the lead against Ambrose Ng’s 10 10♦ when the flop came K 8 3. Though 3, in turn, gave Ambrose some flush outs but he was unable to hit the flush on river  but spike a set as the board displayed 10♣.

It was in late evening when Juan Etcheverry doubled through Mario Puccini with the nut flush. Chance Kornuth (1,165,000), Kevin Schulz (1,165,000), Juan Martin Pastor (930,000), and Jim Collopy (889,000) made it to the Top 5. Some other notables players who have advanced to Day 4 include Rami Boukai (625,000), Pratyush Buddiga (589,000), Naoya Kihara (509,000), JC Alvarado (490,000), Jason Mercier (447,000), Jonathan Duhamel (266,000), Ole Schemion (147,000), and Shannon Shorr (135,000). The world-famous football star Ronaldo also made a key move towards Day 4 with 512,000 in chips.

Though Daniel Negreanu entered the day with a big stack but was knocked out by Pratyush Buddiga when his jacks were dominated by Buddiga’s queens. Others who joined Negreanu, and fall short of achieving their PCA dreams including Pokerstars Team Pro’s Leo Margets, Bertrand Grospellier, Andre Akkari, and Liv Boeree. Others to get eliminated were Martin Finger, Jared Jaffee, Will Failla, Marc-Andre Ladouceur, Mickey Petersen, Nenad Medic, Stephen Chidwick, Rep Porter, Alex Millar, and John Hennigan, George Lind, Dani Stern, Shawn Buchanan, Joe Ebanks, and Mike Leah.

The remaining 57 players will play on Day 4 and make their way ahead to the prestigious PCA Main Event title and the $1,491,580 that comes along with it. Alex Millar raced out ahead of the field during Day 1A of the PCA $10,300 Main Event and nobody was able to catch him after the eight levels of play wrapped up for the night. The Day 1B of the Main Event saw a total of 587 players and after eight levels of play, 368 of them bagged up and joined the 139 Day 1A survivors to play on Day 2. Leading the way was Dietrich Fast with 208,200. On Day 2, many lesser-known players ascended to the top of the leaderboard, and California cash game player Walter Fisher lead the day 2 with 497,000. He made a lead over Hugh Drummond (456,800) and Juan Martin Pastor (446,000).

PCA Day 3 Top 10 Chip Counts

Rank Player Chips
1 Juan Etcheverry 1,704,000
2 Chance Kornuth 1,165,000
3 Kevin Schulz 1,165,000
4 Juan Martin Pastor 930,000
5 Jim Collopy 889,000
6 Ambrose Ng 877,000
7 Emrah Cakmak 815,000
8 Diego Ventura 815,000
9 Rami Boukai 625,000
10 Eugenio Pacelli Mattar 607,000