GPI Update: Ole Schemion reigns in 2015 while Smith takes downturns



Before New Year 2015, Ole Schemion (GPI#1, =) has established the topmost place in the GPI World Poker Rankings, now spending a third consecutive week at #1. This week the German pro had a strong top lead with 374.91 points thereby taking a lead on Davidi Kitai (GPI#2), who is constantly rising upwards on the poker charts.

This first week of 2015 was advantageous for Ami Barer and Daniel Colman with their career-best rankings GPI#3 and GPI#4. Dan Smith (GPI#5, -3), who once dominated at the top for the second half of the 2014 poker season, has taken a walk to his lowest ranking over the last six months. American poker players Bryn Kenney (GPI#6, +2) and Pratyush Buddiga (GPI#8, -2) flip-flop their spots in the Top 10, while Jacob Schindler (GPI#7, =) sticks around at the middle. Sorel Mizzi (GPI#9, +4) re-enters the Top 10 for the first time since April 2014. Another major change saw reigning WSOP Main Event Champion Martin Jacobson (GPI#20, -11) running out of the Top 10, dropping over 10 spots.

 On every Thursday, GPI (Global Poker Index) releases a list of top 300 Poker tournament players. To dwell this list of top Poker performers of the World, GPI maintains a Poker Index point system and uses special formula. Through this leader-board, GPI as well announces Player of the Year.

 This week UK pro Stuart Rutter (GPI#233 CB, +42) made the biggest jump, standing at the career-best ranking for the second straight week. Though he had zero scores in the first half of the 2014, but he recovered his loss in the second half by cashing in nine events, including a 59th place finish in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Furthermore, Jonas Mackoff (GPI#223, +33), Ben Vinson (GPI#258, +31) and EPT Vienna winner Oleksii Khoroshenin (GPI#253, +30) made notable moves climbing up the ladder.

Owen Crowe (GPI#284, -97), who has not cashed in at any event since September, falls off  roughly 100 spots to #284 in the world rankings. This is Crowe’s lowest ranking ever since July 2014 when he was ranked outside of the GPI300. Two-time WPT Champion and 2013 WSOP November Niner JC Tran (GPI#146, -61) had an evident fall in the GPI standings.

Here is the list of Top 10 players in GPI 300 rankings:

#1 Ole Schemion GER 4,141.38 =
#2 Davidi Kitai BEL 3,494.28 1
#3 Amichai Barer CAN 3,490.07 1
#4 Daniel Colman USA 3,435.80 1
#5 Dan Smith USA 3,415.07 -3
#6 Bryn Kenney USA 3,300.14 2
#7 Jacob Schindler USA 3,278.27 =
#8 Pratyush Buddiga USA 3,275.84 -2
#9 Sorel Mizzi CAN 3,144.18 NEW
#10 Joseph Cheong USA 3,136.86 =