Kevin Schulz Wins 2015 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event

Kevin Schulz - PCA 2015 Main Event WinnerLast year Dominik Panka took 16 hours to take down the final table of the  Main Event of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure(PCA) 2014. This year the final day / Day 6 of PCA was sealed in six hours and American pro Kevin Schulz emerged as the winner of this prestigious title winning the mega prize of $1,491,580, the trophy, a SLYDE watch, and a prominent place in pokers history books.

Schulz defeated Peru’s Diego Ventura in a heads up game wherein he made a powerful call on the final hand. Ventura had check-raised all in on the river with  board showing Qs 6d 4h Kc 6c with 10d 4d while Schulz made a balanced call with Kh 3d. Prior to this, Schulz made best live cash of $267,792 at 2012 WSOP where he finished at fourth place.

With nearly 12 hours of play on Day 5 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Florida player Chance Kornuth emerged as the chip leader with with 7.86 million. The game started with 24 players and stopped with the elimination of Pratyush Buddiga in seventh place. Kevin Schulz (6.155 million), Diego Ventura (3.98 million), Niklas Hambitzer (3.1 million), Juan Martin Pastor (2.655 million), and Rami Boukai (780,000) joined Chance Kornuth on the final tournament day.

The final day began with these six players and in just five hands of play, the first elimination occurred. Rami Boukai moved all in for a little more than 11 big blinds with 3c 3s. Niklas Hambitzer called with Ac Qs and played the best shot when the board Ah 7h 6s 5s 6c ran out for a pair of aces. The game continued among remaining five players, and the chip lead switched hands many times between Hambitzer, Schulz, and chip leader Chance Kornuth. Juan Martin Pastor picked up Big Slick at the wrong time as he rush into the Ah Ad of Kevin Schulz. After opening for 230,000 with Ac Kd , Pastor moved all in for his last 1,700,000 after Schulz three-bet. Though Pastor hit a king on the flop but he got eliminated in fifth place.

Ventura patiently played his hands throughout the final table and secured a crucial double up against Chance Kornuth midway through play. The chip lead continued to change hands with Kornuth retaking it at one point before Schulz started to pull away from the pack, mostly by chipping away and picking up several medium sized pots off of Kornuth.

Hambitzer was eliminated in fourth place when he four-bet shove his last 1,285,000 with As Qd and was called by Schulz who held Qs 9s. A nine on the flop and another on the turn had the German drawing dead when another nine hit. Things didn’t worked out for Kornuth, and he was eliminated in third place when he moved all in with Ad 8d and the big stack of Schulz called with Ah 4s . He would have secured a double up when the flop came As Jd 5c. Schulz picked up an inside straight draw on the turn 3h and hit that draw when the was delivered on the river 2s.


The results of the PCA Main Eventfinal table are as follow:


Finish Player Country Prize
1 Kevin Schulz USA $1,491,580
2 Diego Ventura Peru $907,080
3 Chance Kornuth USA $641,140
4 Niklas Hambitzer Germany $482,820
5 Juan Martin Pastor Argentina $380,720
6 Rami Boukai USA $285,740