Full House of Gossip: What Made Angelina Jolie and Victoria Coren Angry about Poker?


Are you overdosed of everyday news and updates on poker tournaments and bored of reading poker strategies? We at OPN, India thought of picking up some spicy gossips from the world of poker and present to you in our exclusive column – Full House of gossips. A featured section at Online Poker News to entertain all poker lovers interested in funny and hot topics of the P-town.

This week the gossips were more of a back-fence talk – from Kim Richards’ lying about pill popping to desire of Angelina Jolie to control drinking habit of Brad Pitt, from Danil Cates’ emotional outburst at poker table to Victoria Coren-Mitchell calling men poker players’ idiot.

Kim Richards’ white lie about Pill Popping

Have you watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Episode 11? Then you may remember the notorious poker party at Eileen Davidson’s house that turned into an all-out brawl, and the cause of the throw-down. Yes! It was Kim Richards’ drug consumption which not only lead to a feud between Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville, but a cold war between Kim and her sister Kyle. Though Kim said that she doesn’t remember the poker party, and claimed to took a pain pill prescribed to her husband; but it was not a bold move for a woman struggling with sobriety.

Angelina Jolie demanding Brad Pitt to quit drinking

You read it right! Recently Jolie wanted Pitt to “lay off the sauce” after a “boozy binge” which supposedly led the actor to allegedly lose $25,000 in a poker game at the Sundance Film Festival. When Joile came to know about Brad’s hard partying, she told him to act like a father of six, or else he should be ready to go to the rehab.

Cates throws chips at Rossiter

Daniel Cates “jungleman12” or “w00ki3z.” had a bad day at the recent Aussie Millions event. Known for the emotional outbursts at the table, Cates reacted angrily after busting his second bullet in the $100,000 Challenge. In one of the games against Steve O’Dwyer, Cates was left dead in the hand. In another game against Jeff Rossiter, Cates decided to pony up another $100,000 AUD for another bullet and ended up meeting a similar fate. In this game, Cates was holding pocket Kings and Rossiter pocket Aces. Before the flop had even been dealt, Cates threw his cards across the table in anger. when the board ran out 10d-10c-3d-3h-5c. Cates picked up a handful of chips and threw them at Rossiter, however, he seemed nonplussed by the outburst.

Men who play Ladies Events are Idiots – Coren

Winner of two different EPT Main Event (London in 2006 and Sanremo in 2014), Victoria Coren-Mitchell called those 22 men ‘idiots’ who joined the EPT Ladies Event in Deauville. She believes that the creation of ladies, seniors or men poker event have nothing to do with discrimination. Coren said, “This is just a game. People have come here to have fun. Traditionally, women don’t play poker – and that’s partially because some of them find it intimidating. Having a ladies event is not about being Prime Minister or running a country – it’s not that important. Ladies event are a nice way to create a fun event and at the same time to attract women that would not play otherwise.”

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