ICE annual conference London: Exclusive seminar on Indian gaming market


ICE Totally Gaming, held the annual conference on the future of internet gaming at Excel, London this week. The 3-day conference which started on 4th February drew thousands of i-gaming operators and companies from around the world showcasing their upcoming advancements and technologies in their internet game offerings. A diverse range of companies related to gaming and gambling niche participated in this conference which included poker, casino, betting, lottery, social gaming etc.

2015 ICE conference held 8 different programs, each of which were headed by some of the key speakers and specialists of the industry. The main focus in each program was the future of gaming and gambling market with the evolving technologies. Be it the rocketing number of mobile users or the cross-platform adaption of gaming softwares, the representatives of each gaming company looked deeply interested in strategies of acquiring more mobile users. Moreover, there was a programme dedicated to “Data Insight and Business Intelligence” to emphasize the importance of data analysis in understanding user’s behavior and design more sophisticated gaming eco systems. Avi Marco, the Director of Enterprise Data Services (EDS) at Betfair elucidated how to translate data analysis into measurable actions across different verticals for an enhanced user experience and better retention.

For the first time at ICE Conference, a dedicated seminar on Indian gaming industry was organized. This seminar on 4th February highlighted the state of internet gaming including online poker in India. Regulatory framework in the country was the main topic of discussion as a positive legal environment can help this market flourish in India. Rajpal Singh, the Director of FICCI addressed the seminar on future business environment for the i-gaming industry in India. Going ahead, other gaming entrepreneurs and operators discussed out their plan to expand in what is one of the world’s largest untapped gaming markets.

European gaming companies raised a combined voice for establishing a common online gaming licensing system across all the member countries of the European Union. Currently i-gaming operators need to take separate license in each country to run their games across Europe.

While the i-gaming companies across the globe are adopting new technologies and smarter data analytics, they can’t afford to ignore the threats to their gaming softwares and user’s account from the nasty hackers. ICE held a seminar on Cybercrime, Security and Regulatory Compliance wherein gaming operators addressed to this issue in round table discussions and case studies. All possible anti-fraud, anti-money laundering, data theft and fraud prevention techniques were discussed along with the rising concerns over management of virtual currency like bitcoins.