MPC22: Aditya Sushant in Top 10 of Red Dragon Title Event

aditya-sushantTeam India roared in the hunt of Red Dragon title at PokerStars LIVE Macau poker room yesterday with Adda52 Team Spades pro Aditya Sushant reaching in Top 10 at the end of Day 2. He will start the Day 3 action today with 281,000 chips in 8th position. Another Team Spades pro Kunal Patni (30,500) and the fellow countrymen Kavish Kukreja (52,000) will return on Day 3 to keep the Indian flag high.

As the action rolled out on Day 2 of Red Dragon Main Event yesterday, 285 players took their seats with only aim to survive the bubble at the end of the day. A race to finish in the money spread out on the tables as only 117 places are paid in this event. The former Red Dragon champion Raymond Wu led the field at the start of the day and after 5 levels of play he finished in 17th place with 257,500 chips.

Eliminations continued on every table till the bubble was reached which intensified the game with every short stack playing cautiously. Over 100 minutes of hand-for-hand play and over a dozen double ups of short stacks made it prolonged bubble period following which officials declared the last hand of the night irrespective of the result. The last hand saw four players all-in which brought 2 eliminations resulting into the split of 117th place prize money between Zhiyun Tang and Dapeng Mu.

In the end, 116 players survived in the contest led by Korea`s Yi Won Lee who finished the day’s play with 585,000 chips. Rajeev Raut, Amit Jain and Romit Advani were the 3 Indian players to get eliminated on Day 2.

Today when the play resumes at 3pm local time, Team Spades pro Aditya Sushant who is the 8th biggest stack of the day will take seat on Table 28. He has a good opportunity to tank another million in chips as 4 short-stack (5-figure) players will take seat with him on that table. On the other hand Kavish and Kunal will look to scoop some big pots to reach the average stacks and continue their fight for the title.

Here are the Top ten players from Day 2:

Player (Country) Chip Count
Yiwon Lee (Korea) 585000
Jaehun Kim (Korea) 494500
Stephen Miles (UK) 395000
Diego Gomez (Portugal) 373500
Takuya Yamashita (Japan) 341000
Yifan Zhang (China) 321500
Yuanye Chen (China) 310500
Aditya Sushant (India) 281000
Zhenwu Wang (China) 275500
Darian Tan (Malaysia) 269000

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