Post Tourney Analysis: Rajeev Raut on his super successful Macau Series

11064101_10200373879547474_1536331134_o4 Cashes amounting to HKD 232k and 3 Final Tables Finishing 3rd, 4th & 10th. To top this successful Macau Poker Cup outing, he sits proudly at the 9th spot in the Asian Player of The Year. Rajeev Raut has steamrolled his way to success at the MPC in Macau marking one of the most glorious runs an Indian poker player has had in a series.

He kicked off his campaign with a 4th place finish in the

$2,000 Deepstack PLO taking HK $20,100 and followed it with back to back final tables at the $5,000 NLH cashing HK $113,100. In the $20,000 NLH  event, he took 27th place for HK $33,100 and a third final table appearance $5,000 KO Bounty where he also led the table in parts. With 10 bounties, he ended his run at 10th place here to take ($12,400+10K)

OPN caught up with the man who was railed by the poker community at large in India to understand how he feels. He discusses his great run and also discloses his plans for the future.

Q1. The 5kbounty event was your 4th deep run in MPC? Would you agree if we say it’s a dream run?

Ans- Yes it was an awesome Dream Run undoubtedly.

Q2. You were the chip leader when day 2 started for the 5k event, what happened? It was looking like you were heading to a final table? Could you share some crucial hands?

 Ans- 2) I was chip leader to start the day but lost 3 back 2 back flips being more than 80% in each of them. I was determined to make the FT as thus was gonna boost my position in the APOY. On Day 1 it was Magical as I hit about 7 Full Houses and was branded as Mr. Full House on my Table. Day 2 saw the exact opposite & I lost Kh Th to K 9 off then lost 88 to 66 then lost As Ks to K3 off when 3 hit the river. So I feel fortunate to limp into the FT.

Q3. You are the top ranked Indian in the Asia player of the year(APOY) rankings now, how does it feel?

 Ans-  Being The Top Indian in the APOY & Being in top 20 of the APOY is a great confidence booster however I have utmost regard & respect for the Indian PROs who are much more knowledgeable in the game than me.

Q4. Your deep runs in the various formats and games at MPC prove that you are a player with multiple gaming talents. From the final table in the Omaha event to main event to monster stack to bounty event, it takes versatility to excel like this.

Ans-  I’m a Live Game specialist. I’ve always said its tough beating me in any live game.  Live Versatility in my game has come through years of experience in the Live Cash Game Circuit which takes you through all these formats.

Q5. What are the plans for the future? Back to Managing Rockets poker room or playing poker professionally? What’s your final calling?

Ans- I’m gonna be back home in Bangalore to Rockets Poker Room. I’m then going to Goa for IPC then Hosting Rockets Poker Room 1st Anniversary Series on 29th April & Then heading back to Macau in May… Lastly, I would like to thank The entire Indian Poker Community who have shown great support & railed me on all through these 15 unforgettable Days.


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  1. michael
    March 17, 2015 - 5:10 am

    Rajeev is a class act and a hell of a good poker player. See you on the final table of the APPT Macao in May!

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