Strategy with Sushi: Part II – Importance of position

strategy-with-Sushi(OPN)OnlinePokerNews (OPN) presents an exclusive column of poker strategies with Adda52 Team Spades pro Aditya Sushant in which he’ll share his views on several strategy questions. With over 5 years of experience at live as well as online poker games, Aditya is one of the most successful professional poker players in India. In this weekly strategy column, he will share his thoughts on a number of poker strategy topics and give a detailed insight of this game of skill.

Position at the poker table is one of the most important factors in deciding the strategy with which a player starts and progresses in a hand. Position refers to the order in which a player gets his chance to act relative to the dealer. There are several theories of playing as per your position in a particular hand which also varies as per the type of player you are. In the 2nd chapter of “Strategy With Sushi”, Aditya Sushant addresses to the Importance of Position in poker.

Q1. How important is position in poker?

Sushi – Position is the most important factor especially when you’re playing No Limit Holdem. Playing in position gives you much more information than the opponents which you can use to outplay them. One should play cautiously when out of position.

Q2. How to defend your blinds against aggressive opponents?

Sushi – Yes you’ll often meet aggressive players raising you to steal you blinds. One may play tight-aggressive to defend your blinds. However, one should avoid calling every now and then just to save the blind amounts as it hampers the stack in long-run.

Q3. Some of the players often raise from Under The Gun (UTG). Is it a good strategy?

Sushi – Although it differs as per the playing style of players, it would be better to play tight from UTG as you’ll be in early position for the rest of the hands. Raising very often may face big re-raise which you may not be able to call and finally will be at loss of your raised amount.

Q4. How position impacts floating in Holdem?

Sushi – Floating is much convenient when you’re playing in position as you have an edge over your opponent in terms of information which you use to bet on turn. Playing late gives you opportunity to spot any weakness and bet accordingly.

Q5. What’s the best strategy for a tight aggressive player out of position?

Sushi – If you are tight aggressive player and playing out of position which can be an early or mid-position, you should take more initiatives. With good cards, you should bet or raise more than just calling even if out of position and try dominating the hand.

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