Strategy with Sushi: Part I- How to choose the right game?

strategy-with-Sushi(OPN)OnlinePokerNews (OPN) presents an exclusive column of poker strategies with Adda52 Team Spades pro Aditya Sushant in which he’ll share his views on several strategy questions. With over 5 years of experience at live as well as online poker games, Aditya is one of the most successful professional poker players in India. In this weekly strategy column, he will share his thoughts on a number of poker strategy topics and give a detailed insight of this game of skill.

How to choose the right game? Shall I play only Texas Holdem or try Omaha too; shall I continue grinding cash table or enter the tournament battles? Every poker player faces these questions when starting their poker journey. This is the topic which we decided to tackle the first in our ‘Strategy with Sushi‘ section where Aditya Sushant will offer solutions to the dilemma of poker game choice

Q1. How should one choose the most suitable poker game to play?

Sushi – Bankroll, Risk-appetite and convenience are the three basic factors one must look after before choosing a game of poker to play professionally.  One more thing players should notice before joining any game is the level of opponents against whom they’ll be playing.

Q2. Which is the best poker format to start with?

Sushi – Although it is the choice of the player which game he/she want to learn and start with, I find Texas Holdem as the best format to start playing poker. Reason being, it is comparatively less complicated to understand and also available everywhere. Limit Holdem involves the least risk and variance but it won’t be available in India. So, one can start playing poker with No Limit Holdem.

Q3. How should one figure out whether he is a cash grinder or a tournament player?

Sushi – Cash games and tournaments are entirely different in the approach and strategy. One should start playing cash games and then proceed to tournaments. Cash games give you opportunity to win more if you’re a good player on your table. Tournaments require long hours of play and you can’t be sure of finishing in money everytime which make it risky.

Q4. When should a player start trying his hands at other poker variants?

Sushi – It’s not necessary to try and play every variant out there. It would be better to master one game and win maximum in that. However, if someone wants to play other variants like Omaha, Hi/Lo etc, I would suggest to maintain a proper bankroll for it and start gradually with everyday improvements.

Q5. Most of the Indian players start playing poker online. At what stage an online player should take his active to live felt?

Sushi – There is no defined parameter for switching to live poker game from online. However, one should study and learn the live poker strategies like reads on opponents before jumping into the live battleground. Anyone with a good bankroll and confidence can play live poker games.

‘Strategy with Sushi’ is an attempt to help the amateur poker player to understand his poker path. We start with elementary poker questions and gradually tread the unchartered territory. If you have a question to ask or a topic to discuss then email us at and we will surely take it up with the Pro.