6-day Anniversary Poker Series at Rockets Poker Room, Bangalore

rockets-poker-room-anniversary-seriesRockets poker room has got a new address in Bangalore and has announced a 6-day poker fiesta to celebrate its first anniversary.  The poker room owned by Rajeev Raut will be completing one year on 1st May this year. A 6-day poker carnival which includes 4 tournaments and various levels of cash games will kick off on 29th April at the new location – 100ft Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore.

The new address of Rockets poker room boasts of being the largest poker room in India at approx. 5000 sq.ft which can accommodate 11 poker tables spaciously. Bangalore has seen a rise in the attendance of poker players in tournaments in last few months. The capacity of the new poker room is all set to accommodate around 100 players at this time thus, pushing the entries and prize pools. Moreover, with increase in the number of tables, the waiting list for cash games will also get shortened allowing players to join the cash action whenever they want.

Going by the ongoing trend of naming the events on a unique theme, all 4 tournaments have been named after jewel, metals and stones. Rajeev has also tried to experiment with the variants of poker and tournaments structures. To add variety, a Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) event has been included in the tournament roster. The Diamond Deepstack Omaha event will be a deepstack tournament with no antes and players can make one re-entry too. The opening event, Ruby Rebuy is a 5K No Limit Holdem tournament with re-buy as well as add-on options available which is expected to intensify the battle.

The 2nd event Topaz Topper is a 15K freeze-out single-day tournament starting at 2PM on 30th April. The Main Event, Golden Grind will be something to watch for as the buy-in for this showstopper tournament has been doubled from the last time to 50K.

Cash tables of a variety of buy-ins have also been set-up to attract players of all stake-sizes. The Texas Holdem cash tables range from 25 – 50 blinds with 5k buy-in to 500 – 1000 blinds with 300k buy-in. Cash games of PLO will run from 100 – 200 blinds with 25k buy-in to 500 – 1000 blinds with 500k buy-in. Rajeev told us about the structures, “A lot of thought and research has gone into the structures of each event. It will be ensured that the various events have structures parallel to international events. “

The 4 events of Anniversary Poker Series are:

  1. Ruby Re-buy: 5k Re-buy + add on
  2. Topaz Topper: 15k Freeze-out
  3. Golden Grind: 50k main event (2-day)
  4. Diamond Deepstack: 20k Pot limit Omaha – (1 re-entry) (Deepstack & no antes)

Cash Tables:

  • Texas Hold’em: 25 – 50 5k / 50 – 100 10k / 100 – 200 20k / 200 – 500 100k / 500 – 1000 300k
  • Pot Limit Omaha (PLO): 100 – 200 25k / 200 – 500 100k / 500 – 1000 500k