Abhineet Jain wins an INR 8 Lakh Package to Vegas, Last Chance Fly to Vegas begins at Adda52.com

fly-to-vegas-winnerThe 3rd edition of the Fly to Vegas promotion at Adda52.com concluded last week with Abhineet Jain (pokemon13) winning a $10K Main Event package to the world’s largest poker tournament in Las Vegas. He now joins the club of Indian poker players who will be heading to Vegas this summers – Sumit Sehgal and MuthuKumar Rajagopalan who won the earlier 2 editions.

The Loyalty based tourney kicked off on 5th March and culminated into the finale last week. Jain who is an XLRI Graduate and works with Tata Motors overcame 25 other players in the Fly to Vegas Finale to clinch this coveted INR 8 Lakh package.  The format of this penultimate Fly to Vegas was similar to the inaugural edition in January where players were required to accumulate loyalty and get entry to the Finale. There was also a direct entry with INR 25K to this event and some satellites of smaller loyalty points. In the end, Jain had to trump a resilient competitor in ‘Lucky3’ to take down the prize. In the final hand, Abhineet raised with his 9-10 off-suit which got re-raised by the opponent. He flopped 2-pair with 9 10 5 following which he re-raised the opponent. Lucky3 who held pocket queens went all-in which Abhineet called and the board ran Ace on the turn and Jack on the river which meant Abhineet took down the tournament.

Ironically, Abhineet has never played in a physical tournament and his first shot at a live tourney takes him straight to the Mecca of poker. He has a very clear poker focus as of now, speaking about them he said, “My short-term poker milestone is to be a part of Adda52 Team Online, and long-term poker goal is to finish in the money at the world’s prestigious poker tournament.

Fly to Vegas Final Chance is Announced

The announcement of Abhineet Jain’s win was followed by good news for those runners who still aspire to book their Vegas ticket. Fly to Vegas Final Chance kicks off at Adda52.com this week in a similar loyalty format. One player who wins the Finale on 9th May will be the fourth player to complete the quartet who gets to play in Vegas courtesy Adda52.com.

Here is the detail of Fly To Vegas 4:

Tourney Entry Criteria Date/Time Prize Remarks
2 Lac Satellite 2 Lac Loyalty Points on VIP Tables35k Loyalty Points on Non VIP 7th May  @ 9PM 2 TKT for  Finale Loyalty Points to be earned B/W 15th April – 4th May
4 Lac Satellite  4 Lac Loyalty Points on VIP Tables75K Loyalty Points on Non VIP 7th May @ 9.30 PM 3 Tickets for Finale Loyalty Points to be earned B/W 15th April – 4th May
Fly to Vegas Finale Direct Entry – 25KVIP Tables– 8 Lacs Loyalty PointsNon VIP – 2 Lac Loyalty Point

2 Lac, 4 Lac Satellite Winners

9th May  @ 10 PM Main Event $10K Ticket + Airfare & Stay Max Participants 30 Allowed, if all seats filled by loyalty qualifiers, satellites winners then no direct entry will be allowed