Dot-Poker Domains: Have you booked yours?

Dot Poker DomainsOn 10 March 2015, Global Registry Services Provider and poker fan Afilias announced the start of landrush period for the new “dot POKER” or .POKER top level domain. That time the Poker World was given a month from March 10 to April 9, 2015, to apply for the .POKER domain name. Later, the applications were finalized when the landrush period ended, and the names that received more than one application went through an auction process. Before the beginning of the landrush period, dot-poker TLDs also went through the “sunrise period” (February 5 through March 7), where eligible trademark holders were given the opportunity to secure their poker-dedicated TLDs. After the landrush period ended, dot-poker TLDs (Top Level Domains) has been available to the greater public, and the open registrations begin on April 21.

.Poker Domain

.Poker Domain is the top level domain dedicated to the game of poker, the favorite online game of gamers across the world. This special web extension for poker is simple and easy to remember, and perfectly suits to everything related to poker – poker tournaments, products, players, news, and tips.

Purpose Behind .Poker Domain

Now-a-days, a lot of people are searching for websites for playing poker in order to win money, or educating themselves on poker game-play. So, how to find these poker websites amongst all of those that exist? In contrast, companies across the world have been in tough battle to appear near the top of the search engine results.These were the two reasons why dedicated poker domain was launched.

The purpose behind new TLD is that it will simplify the sort of content that appears in the website and the sort of company that runs it in the search engine. For instance, if someone searches for ‘online poker’, web domain name ending in dot POKER will be prioritized over .com, and so on. Hence, this will help websites to more easily market their services as well as maximizing their profitable traffic.

.Poker Domains Already Booked

Your wait for getting yourself a dot-poker domain got over on April 21 but it’s bit late. Most of the best domains have already been booked by those who had the opportunity to participate in the sunrise period.

Domains such as,,,,,,,,, and have already been assigned. Even most of the live poker events like,,,,, and have also been taken. In addition to this, generic and potentially highly lucrative domains such as,,,,, or, are already firmly in the hands of those who came first.


Benefits of .Poker Domain

  • Dot Poker Domain will help strengthen brand image of number of poker sites by boosting their SEO strength and increasing the visibility of their products.
  • From Google’s perspective, search engines have decreased the importance they give to the presence of keywords in domain names in terms of rankings in the past years, but using a relevant keyword in a site’s domain will definitely be a good thing.
  • A meaning-rich TLD allows brand to integrate it in their brand names and save important characters in their URLs getting rid of the dot-com. As a result, their URLs get shorter and can more easily be shared on social media sites in their original form.
  • This domain is also valuable for poker players as they can host a personal, or community poker site by their name, for example, ‘yourname.POKER’ or


With the introduction of this new TLD “Dot POKER”, everyone in the poker world wins. With a .poker website, people will know that you are a poker website, and your website will get lead visitors. Whether your website allows users to play poker or offers training on poker, you will discover more visitors to your website with a .poker top level domain. So how would it sound next time you play poker online on a site which has a dot poker domain?