GPI Rankings: Ole’s Dominance hits Sweet 16

ole-schemionThough it was a slow-moving week at the top but it was a Sweet 16th week for Ole. Yes, German star pro Ole Schemion (GPI#1, =) has now entered 16th straight week ranked atop the GPI World Poker Rankings. Other than Ole, only two players have held longer streaks. Both Jason Mercier (GPI#6, =) and Dan Smith (GPI#23, =) have spent 17 straight weeks atop the World Rankings, and Ole is just one week away from joining these poker stars.

Additionally, Schemion and Smith have hold the top spot since June. After Vanessa Selbst (GPI#81, +9) who was the last player to hold the #1 rank; the duo have spent next 40 weeks at the top. Schemion has spent the following 21 weeks on top while Smith was #1 for 19 total weeks.

On every Thursday, GPI (Global Poker Index) releases a list of top 300 Poker tournament players. To dwell this list of top Poker performers of the World, GPI maintains a Poker Index point system and uses special formula. Through this leader-board, GPI as well announces Player of the Year.

Let’s have a look at the Top 25. Thomas Muehloecker (GPI#16, -3) moved down few spots while Olivier Busquet (GPI#13, +1), Mike Leah (GPI#14, +1) and Benjamin Pollak (GPI#15 CB, +1) earned one spot each.

A shining star from Argentina Ivan Luca (GPI#229 CB, +45) has been constantly rising inside the GPI300. This season Luca has scored points in 11 events and currently ranks #4 in the 2015 GPI Player of the Year race. Furthermore, Luca recently stocked the biggest score when he finished second to David Peters (GPI#23, =) in the High Roller event at EPT Malta.

Daneiel Colman (GPI#121, -54) had a deep fall this week. He dwindled over 50 spots to #121 – his lowest ranking in last eight months. As his scores from the 2014 EPT Grand Final will enter a third aging period, Colman standing in GPI will continue to fall in future.

Top 10 players in GPI Rankings this week:

#1 Ole Schemion GER 4,216.88 =
#2 Scott Seiver USA 3,883.00 =
#3 Davidi Kitai BEL 3,846.72 =
#4 Pratyush Buddiga USA 3,794.14 =
#5 Stephen Chidwick UK 3,727.92 =
#6 Jason Mercier USA 3,523.11 =
#7 Bryn Kenney USA 3,510.52 =
#8 Daniel Negreanu CAN 3,491.89 =
#9 Byron Kaverman USA 3,473.16 =
#10 Sorel Mizzi CAN 3,445.41 =