Introducing Gen P – The Generation Next of Online Poker – Yuvraj Singh

yuvraj-singhPoker as a game and profession is finally finding its calling in India. We at decided to check out the New Crop of Indian Poker which is makintrong> And in our tryst to bring out the unsung names in Indian poker who burn the midnight oil to follow their poker passion we bring Gen P- The next generation of Online Poker. A fortnightly column where we introduce you to a young, smiling and passionate poker face.

A management graduate who got introduced to poker during college years found this game of skill fascinating enough to keep on grinding even after joining a full-time job. Online poker made it possible for him to pursue his passion for this game from wherever he is and whichever hour of the day he can play. The month of April has been special for him as he won the biggest prize of his poker career apart from numerous cashes. Presenting Yuvraj Singh aka madnutscrazy who shipped the $109 Sunday Kickoff on 12th March bagging $17,140.


Name Yuvraj Singh
Poker Nick Name madnutscrazy
Fav. Place to play Poker(online) PokerStars
Offline Not specific
Fav Poker Game NL Texas Hold’em
Fav Poker Hand 9 10 Suited

Q1. Hi Yuvraj, Thanks for taking out the time to speak with us. To start with, can you tell us when you start playing poker? Basically your poker journey till date…

YS – I picked up poker while my MBA days in 2011-12. Started with casual gaming with campus friends and soon it turned into one of the favorite past times. Such was the craze amongst us that we even used to organize tournaments back then in campus. One of my friends introduced me to PokerStars during those days and the association has continued till date.

Q2. How much poker do you play?

YS – I am in love with the game and can play as much as physically possible. Generally, I do have 3-4 hour sessions on PS almost every other day. On weekends, these sessions end up being much longer.

Q3. How does your family feel about you playing Poker?

YS – My dad knows about my love for the game and luckily he doesn’t interfere much. All he says is that gambling is not a good thing and to watch out for bad luck which would mean me ending up losing. It’s then that I try to make him understand how poker is not about gambling or luck and how it is a skill game. He then gives a smile and says Ok. 😛

Q4. Are you working somewhere? How do you balance your professional life with poker?

YS – I work for an organization called ITC. Long office hours mean I generally get very less time than I would like over the weekdays. That’s why I eagerly await the weekends and holidays. On these days, I ensure I maximize the time available.

Q5. Have you ever participated in any live tournaments in India or Internationally?

YS – Internationally, no. In India, I participated in the Golden Aces Poker League in Casino Pride in Goa in Feb 2014 (had a 5th and a 4th place finish out of 3 tournaments). Most recently, I also participated in the IPC event in April 2015 but couldn’t make any notable finish.

Q6. Several Pro Teams have been launched in India in 2015. Do you aspire to be a member of a pro team in coming days?

YS – Haven’t given it any thought as of yet. Becoming a member of a pro team does mean recognition of one`s efforts and abilities. So if it does come my way some day, I would feel honored enough.

Q7. Who do you idolize in Poker, both in India and Internationally?

YS – A big fan of Daniel Negreanu and the way he breaks down the game mentally. So he is my idol. As far as India is concerned, its’ very tough to regularly follow games of the pros. But what Aditya Agarwal has achieved in the last few years, definitely makes you wanting to emulate him.

Q8. What do you do when not playing Poker?

YS – When not playing, then I am definitely at office or sleeping lol. Actually, I spend some time reading about the game and also spend time with my friends here in the city.

Q9. What is your one Poker dream?

YS – Bluff beat Daniel Hellmuth in a hand, show him the bluff and make him blow his fuse. LOL

Q10. What should be done to promote poker in India?

YS – Poker is like any other sport and the popularity of any sport comes with the type of mind space they are able to gain. I believe media plays a very important role in the promotion of any sport. As of now, poker is largely being covered and reported in online media and the sooner it catches positive attention of other forms the better.

Another way of fostering development of the game would be by opening up online or offline coaching programs where the Indian pros could coach some of the new entrants to the game, just like any coaching academy for any sport.