Rockets Anniversary Series: Ruby Rebuy Live

dhaval-mudgalDhaval Mudgal wins the Ruby Rebuy event

Kishan had already lost a big stack to Dhaval in the last hand following which Kishan shoved in the last hand of the game. Board ran 6h 7d 6d Js 4d. Showdown:

Dhawal: Ad 5d

Kishan: Ks 9s

Dhaval wins the trophy with an Ace-high flush. Both the players take home Rs 1,72,500 as part of 2-way deal.

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Top 2 chops the prize money

Dhawal and Kishan have struck a deal which brings equal money to both of them and the winner will raise the trophy tonight.

Another back to back elimination. Vinay in 4th, Shravan in 3rd.

Time: 22:45 Level: 19 Blinds: 4,000/8,000 Ante: 1,000

Action rolled back in the slow paced final table game when Vinay went all-in which Kishan snap called with 10, 10. Kishan hit another 10 on the river which meant Vinay with A 10 going home with Rs 60,000

In the next hand Shravan shoved with A 9 and was called by Dhawal holding A Q. The board ran dry giving an edge to Dhawal. Shravan got eliminated in 3rd place leaving Dhawal and Kishan for the heads-up match. Shravan took home Rs 84,000.

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Action get slow among the remaining 4 players

Time: 21:55 Level: 17 Blinds: 2,500/5,000 Ante: 500

The 4 players have an eye on the trophy with the lion’s share of prize pool – Rs 2.5 Lacs. The game has slowed down a little with stacks swinging. The current stack levels at the break are:

Vinay B – 1,80,000

Dhawal Mudgal – 1,14,000

Shravan – 95,000

Kishan M – 76,000

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Back to Back eliminations. MuthuKumar finishes 5th for Rs 42,000

Time: 21:42 Level: 17 Blinds: 2,500/5,000 Ante: 500

After Mukunda, it was Bangalore local MuthuKumar getting eliminated in 5th place and Vinay is the man on a run. He went all-in with Q 10 and got called by Vinay. The board ran J 3 6 K 5 giving a pair of Jacks to Vinay who shown A J. With this pot, Vinay is leading the final table game with 1.7 Lac chips.

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Mukunda Dashrathi eliminated in 6th place for Rs 30,000

Time: 21:38 Level: 16 Blinds: 2,000/4,000 Ante: 400

Mukunda went all-in with pocket 7s and got called by Vinay holding pocket kings. The board ran 5 Q 4 10 9 and Vinay scooped the whole pot. Mukunda takes home Rs 30,000 for his 6th place finish.

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Krishna walks away in 7th place with 10K

Time: 21:30 Level: 16 Blinds: 2,000/4,000 Ante: 400

Krishna was all-in with Q 10 which got called by two players – Dhawal holding A 7 and Vinay with 8 2.

The board ran K 9 7 2 5 giving and edge of high card ace to Dhawal. Krishna bid goodbye with Rs 10,000.

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Sangeeth Mohan busted in 8th place

Time: 21:08 Level: 16 Blinds: 2,000/4,000 Ante: 400

Sangeeth’s  Pocket 7’s ran into the pocket Aces of Vinay B when the board ran dry giving no help to Sangeeth who left his seat in 8th place. Vinay B consolidates his chip lead with this elimination of Samoh.

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Ashish Ahuja sent packing in 9th position

Time: 20:47 Level: 15 Blinds: 1,500/3,000 Ante: 400

In a 3-way pot, Ashish called for a flush draw with 1BB stack. Mukunda from middle position show “Sevens”. Two aces on Turn and then on the river meant Ashish holding 6 3 off-suit was out of the tournament in 9th position.

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The Final Chip Count

Vinay B is leading the final table action with 97K chips. Here are the chip counts of final table players:

Player Chip Count
Vinay B 97,000
Kishan M 69,500
Dhawal Mudgal 65,000
Mukund 62,700
Shravan 51,000
Sangeeth Mohan 48,200
Krishna 44,000
MuthuKumar 62,000


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Bubble Burst

Time: 20:40 Level: 14 Blinds: 1,200/2,400 Ante: 300

Manjeet busted in the Final Table bubble. Sharavan re-raised with A 7 suited following which Manjeet went all-in and got called. Shravan hit a runner-runner flush against A 3 of Manjeet which formed the final table of Ruby Rebuy event at Rockets Anniversary Series.