Weekend Indian Poker Pot: Yuvraj Singh bags his career high 5-figure win on Sunday

Indian Poker WinsIndian online grinders had a bash this weekend on PokerStars and Adda52 with 6 tourneys wins and several notable cashes. It started with Ankit Bajaj finishing 3rd for $2,432.25 in The Hot $109 [Turbo], $10K Gtd and ended with Yuvraj Singh shipping the $109 Sunday Kickoff, $100K Gtd for $17,140.

Yuvraj Singh aka madnutscrazy clinched his biggest win of the online poker career on Sunday. A 3-way deal was struck in the tourney which stretched till the wee hours on Monday. Although Yuvraj had a stack ratio of 1:10 against the biggest stack, he outplayed the opponent to win the tournament.

On Adda52, kornkif shipped the 5 Lac Finale event on Saturday bagging Rs 1,50,000 while Brat_Poker took home Rs 95,000 for the runner-up finish in the same event. lucky_bastered won the 1 Lac Finale event taking home Rs 28,613.

After cashing $2,432.25 in the 3rd position in The Hot $109 [Turbo] on Friday, Ankit Bajaj aka aob1986 made a valiant 15th place finish in the $215 Sunday Million, $1M Gtd. Ankit added over five thousand dollars to his online earnings in this Sunday million tourney.

Sumit Sapra who plays under the screen name boronyx cashed a notable figure in a low buy-in tourney on Saturday. He bagged $3,671.25 finishing 3rd in The Hot $11 [Turbo], $35K Gtd. Vinay B aka vinstill was having a good run in The Big $5.50, $20K Gtd but, the tourney was cancelled unfortunately due to some technical glitch. Vinay ended up pocketing $359.65.

Abhishek aka alwaysdegen was in top form this Sunday amassing over $14K across three tournaments out of which he grabbed the top prize in two tourneys. Moreover, he made a huge profit on Sunday given that all three were low buy-in tourneys. He shipped The Hotter $7.50 [Turbo], $30K Gtd for $6,437.39 and the $16.50 NL Hold’em [Turbo], $20K Gtd for $6,399.68. In the $27 NL Hold’em [6-Max, Turbo, Progressive Super-Knockout], $30K Gtd, he finished 4th pocketing $1,647.89 excluding bounties.

Here is the Weekend Indian Poker Pot for April 10-12:

Player/User Event Prize/Position Date
aob1986 The Hot $109 [Turbo], $10K Gtd $2,432.25/3rd Apr 10
boronyx The Hot $11 [Turbo], $35K Gtd $3,671.25/3rd Apr 11
vinstill The Big $5.50, $20K Gtd $359.65 Apr 11
lucky_bastered Adda52 1 Lac Finale Rs 28,613/1st Apr 11
kornkif Adda52 5 Lac Finale Rs 1,50,000/1st Apr 11
Brat_Poker Adda52 5 Lac Finale Rs 95,000/2nd Apr 11
alwaysdegen $27 NL Hold’em [6-Max, Turbo, Progressive Super-Knockout], $30K Gtd $1,647.89/4th Apr 12
alwaysdegen The Hotter $7.50 [Turbo], $30K Gtd $6,437.39/1st Apr 12
aob1986 $215 Sunday Million, $1M Gtd $5,433.96/15th Apr 12
alwaysdegen $16.50 NL Hold’em [Turbo], $20K Gtd $6,399.68/1st Apr 12
madnutscrazy $109 Sunday Kickoff, $100K Gtd $17,140/1st Apr 12

Disclaimer – Tournament wins and cash finishes data are collected from online sites and public forums. Please notify us your weekend wins in online poker, if it has been missed out. OPN India will be glad to showcase that in our featured column – Weekend Indian Poker Pot.