Strategy with Sushi: Part VIII – How to play at WSOP for the first time

strategy-with-SushiOnlinePokerNews (OPN) presents an exclusive column of poker strategies with Adda52 Team Spades pro Aditya Sushant in which he’ll share his views on several strategy questions. With over 5 years of experience at live as well as online poker games, Aditya is one of the most successful professional poker players in India. In this weekly strategy column, he will share his thoughts on a number of poker strategy topics and give a detailed insight of this game of skill.

2015 World Series of Poker (WSOP), the world’s biggest poker tournament is starting tomorrow, May 27 which every poker lover across the world aims to play. Indian poker players also mark their attendance at the largest poker platform each year. The number of Indian players going to Las Vegas for WSOP has been rising each year. This year, WSOP has introduced several new tournaments which also include the first ever online bracelet event. In the 8th chapter of “Strategy With Sushi”, Aditya Sushant talks about how to play at the WSOP for the first time.

Q1. How should one play in the massive field of WSOP events?

Sushi – Almost all the WSOP events run for multiple days and there are a number of levels. So, one should approach session-wise, focus on the game in each level and survive for the next day. This way, with short targets you can attain big results in huge filed WSOP events.

Q2. What all events one should look for in the first WSOP outing?

Sushi – For someone who is playing for the first time, there are many good value low buy-in tournaments to start with. Once your feel confident, you can anytime play the bigger ones. This year I think, one can play the Millionaire Maker, the Monster Stack, the Colossus and other such tournaments.

Q3. WSOP has launched an online bracelet event for the first time this year. Any thoughts on that?

Sushi – Yes! It was much awaited, but you can play only from Nevada. The $1,000 online bracelet event is worth trying if you are in Nevada on 2nd July. Most of the recreational players will be playing this event making it a soft field. So you have good chances to win.

Q4. Finishing in the money in a WSOP event for the first-timers is also a proud moment. How should play when nearing the bubble in WSOP events?

Sushi – Obviuosly! For a first-timer it’s a big moral boost to finish in the money in a WSOP event. When nearing the bubble, one should play as per his/her stack size. Big stacks can be aggressive putting pressure on the short stacks while those left with lesser chips can be patient and even fold big hands as survival is more important.

Q5. What else will you advise the WSOP first-timers?

Sushi – Playing poker in Las Vegas and that too in the WSOP is a dream of every poker player. So, one should be focused on game even while playing and you should also experience and enjoy the poker atmosphere there. Don’t get distracted or overwhelmed. Remember, you have to play your best game and rest will be history.  All the best!

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