Vidwath Shetty takes down the 17th Winner Title at AndyzFC

andyzfc-winnerBangalore, 24th May.AndyzFC has become the epicenter of the weekend poker action in Bangalore with its Lakhpati Tournament played every Sunday. In the 17th edition of this exciting tournament 41 players registered with a dream to become the ‘Lakhpati’ of this week. Adarsh Jayappa has picked up what they say in cricket ‘FORM’ and has been playing excellent in this tournament. After winning the Winner Title last week, he was on a roll this weekend knocking out quite a lot of players but could not make it to the finish line. This weekend it was Vidwath Shetty taking down the coveted title with Rs 100,000 in top prize.

Speaking about the tournament, Mr. Andy Morgan, Founder – Andyz Fish & Chips said, “Yet another packed and successful AndyzFC 5K Sunday Freezeout. The fight for leader board is evident now. Though friends off the table, on the final table I saw they brought their best to outsmart each other. It was one exciting tourney no doubt, however we noticed a trend among players to show up late for the tourney.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to formally inform every one fighting for a place on our leader board that the management has decided to start the tourney as scheduled without prejudice. I think it’s important we start on time so that the regulars playing online get the needed rest before the Sunday night marathon of tourneys take off. Only fair we respect others time and the opportunity made available. Above all, help promote the sport by giving our young pros in town a chance to take down both offline and online tourneys”, he continued.

Enthusiastic about the upcoming 1st anniversary of the poker club, he said,” Amid the usual, I am excited about AndyzFC first anniversary coming up early next month, keep a tab at if you don’t want to miss any action from Bangalore’s favorite poker club.”

Tournament Round-Up

The 41-player field was played down to the final table after hours of battle which a few regulars falling down. Mukunda Dasharthi’s AAs got cracked in early stages by Prasanna Jayappa’s QQs when the community read 892J10.Pramod R was final table bubble while the regular cash game player Rajesh J entered final table in the chip lead position.

The Final Table Chip Counts:

1. Rajesh J  73.4K
2. Adarsh Jayappa  37.6K
3. Vickky Thapa  37.3K
4. Vidwath Shetty  36.8K
5. Manoj Ramakrishna  24.2K
6. Raghavendra R  21.8K
7. Raghavendra Lingaraj  18.9K
8. Rohit Mittal  16.8K
9. PrasannaJayappa  10.1K
10. Saurabh Bahl  10K

SaurabhBahl was the first to bust out the final table when he jammed his short stack with K10, Raghavendra R woke up with AAs on SB and makes the call. Flop 679, turn K but brick ‘5’on the river ended Saurabh’s journey on the Final table.

Rohit Mittal was the next to depart from the final table. At 600/1200 blinds, Adarsh opened to 2.5K, Rohit Mittal on SB jammed with 55s and Raghavendra Lingaraj picked up AAs on BB. No ‘5’ on board meant Rohit falling in 9th place.

Vickky Thapa was the next player to exit as he jammed with 99s on button, BB Raghavendra Lingaraj called it with A6 and clips an ace on the turn and the river to knock out Vickky.

At the blind level of 800/1600, Raghavendra opened the pot to which Prasanna Jayappa announces all-in with A7d, Manoj Ramakrishna re-jams with AAs. Community brought no help to Prasanna eliminating him in the 7th place.

Raghavendra R was the next exit as his all-in with A9 got called by Adarsh’s 1010s. The flop AJQ, turn 3 but river 10 gave Adarsh a set and send Raghavendra to rails in the 6th place.

Manoj Ramakrishna was the unlucky bubble when his JJs ran into Raghavendra Lingaraj’s KKs. No help on the board gave Manoj the 5th place, though no money but good amount of points for the leaderboard.

With game down to Top 4 in the money players, the battle to win the Lakpati title intensified at AndyzFC. Adarsh Jayappa departed in the 4th place as his all-in with A8 got called by Rajesh J who was holding 99s. No help for Adarsh gives him 4th place finish with Rs 10K in cash prize.

Raghavendra Lingaraj finished 3rd when his 3 bet jam preflop with A5 got called by Rajesh who was holding Q10, 10 on the flop and 10 on the turn seals the deal. Raghavendra took home Rs 15K for his efforts.

In the final hand of the tournament with a flop of 3 4 4, Rajesh bet with 3 pair[37s] which Vidwath called. K spades on the turn, Rajesh picked up flush draw and jammed. Vidwath called with his Ace high and gutshot. River K again counter-fitted Rajesh’s 3 pair and Vidwath took down the Title with Ace high. Rajesh took home Rs 50K as the runner-up while the champion Vidwath earned himself Rs 100,000.

Fight for the AndyzFC leaderboard also got tougher as the leader has been knocked down to 3rd place after Week 17. Raghavendra Lingaraj now sits atop the AndyzFC leaderboard.