Vinay B takes down the Lakhpati title back-to-back at Andyz Fish & Chips

vinay-b-pokerBengaluru, 3rd May 2015. The tournament which started in January this year with a vision to promote poker among the grinders of Bengaluru and crown one of them the “Lakhpati” every Sunday has entered its 4th month while the popularity charts are soaring at all-time high.

5K Freeze out Tournament at the Andyz Fish and Chips poker club drew 52 registrations this Sunday, May 03. After grinding for hours followed by an intense final table battle, Vinay B took down the Lakhpati title bagging Rs 100,000 in cash prize. Vinay has been on a fantastic run at the Andyz FC for past two weeks winning this title back-to-back for the top prize of 1 Lac each time.

“They say nothing succeeds like success – and the 5K Freezeout is a testament to exactly that. This time it was Vinay who took it down, with a crazy grind and some brilliant plays as we approached the close – plus, of course, the Poker Gods’ blessings – without which it is terribly difficult to ship an event. AndyzFC has some real big plans for the city. We are on the cusp of seeing a year of growth now – and the city has seen a phenomenal revolution of sorts during this time – I’m proud to be helping in my own little way’’, said Andy Morgan. He continued, “Jayanagar is just a few days from the launch – and trust me, it’s going to take this city by storm! We’re looking at the larger picture now – we want to be the face that takes this country’s poker scene to the world – and we will do it for sure. We’re exploring new possibilities on the tournament scene as well – and there’s news coming in from there too! Some massive alliances in the pipeline – I’m bursting with news, but I guess there’s a time and place for everything! Till then, as I always say, ‘A chip and a chair!”

Sunday brings out the best field of runners at Andyz FC and this tournament got an attendance of many new faces with a lot of regulars as in Vinod Megalamani, Vinay B, Vidwath Shetty and Vinod Hegde. The first 30 minutes which triggers a survival war saw Rakesh Reddy, Adarsh Jayappa, Neeraj Murarka, Vidwath Shetty and couple of other regulars hitting the rails making the way easier for the other biggies remaining in the contest.

Andy Morgan, the General Secretary of Andyz FC experimented with the climaxing format of the tournament by introducing the ‘The Last Man Standing’ 15Max which reached its max limit in the 2nd week of its inception. This week’s Lakhpati Champion Vinay B was the last man standing taking down the prize.

It was a star-studded final table with the defending champion Vinay B, Vinod M who made it for the 2nd time in a row and other players like Vinod Hegde and Arvind Jain.

The Final Table Chip counts:andyz-fish-and-chips

Position Player Chip Count
1 Vinay B 72.6K
2 Abhishek Srivastava 59.2K
3 Arvind Jain 54K
4 Vinod Megalamani 44.1K
5 Abhijit Singh 34.7K
6 Punith B.N. 29.9K
7 Sanjay Chaudhry 24.7K
8 Vinod Hegde 24K
9 Ehsaan Mokhtiari 17.5K
10 Neeraj Kumar- 3K

Abhijit Singh was the first to get eliminated from the Final Table when he went all-in with AQ and Vinay B woke up with his ladies QQ. The dealer brought no Aces on the board giving the pot to Vinay. Sanjay Chaudhry was the next one to exit as his KJ jam got called by Abhishek Srivastava who was holding A2, his brave call got rewarded as Ace high stood good till the river.

The short-stack Neeraj Kumar was the 3rd elimination when his A 2 met pocket Jacks of Ehsaan Mokhtiari with dealer opening one more Jack on the flop. Vinod hedge departed in the 7th place when Arvind’s KQ reigned with a Q high flop and brick turn and river.

Punith B.N. was the unlucky bubble when he tried to steal blinds by going all in from button with Q9 and got called by Vinay B who woke up with AK, King high flop bubbles Punith. Vinay B eliminated Ehsaan Mokhtiari in the 5th place when Ehsaan went all-in with A 2 and Vinay flopped two pairs K K, 6 6. Ehsaan took home Rs 10,000 for his efforts.

The tournament was down to four-handed play with Vinod M, Arvind Jain, Vinay B and Abhishek Srivastava left in the race to the title. Vinod Megalamani got busted in 4th place when he tried to steal the blinds with K 10 but got owned by Ace high Abhishek. Vinod bagged Rs 20,000 for the 4th place finish. Abhishek repeated his Ace high dominance against Arvind Jain sending him to rails and sealing the heads-up with Vinod.

After a grueling half an hour heads-up play Abhishek Srivatsa jammed his stack on a J69 flop with Q9, Vinay made the call with J8 and triumphed the tourney once again with brick turn and river bagging 100K. Abhishek added Rs 60K to his poker earnings for the runner-up finish. With this win, Vinay B has scaled up to the 3rd place on AndyzFC Tourney Leaderboard.