Andy Morgan triumphs the 18th Weekly Tournament at the AndyzFC

AndyzFC Tournament Winner54 players battled it out this week for the bragging rights of being the champion in the best tournament in town. Management of AndyzFC decided to start the tournament by 1 PM as it helps online tournament grinders to not disturb their schedule and this timing will be followed in further tournaments. ‘The Poseidon’ of AndyzFC- Andy Morgan displayed amazing temperament and strategy by folding AK, AQ preflop and limping with major hands to induce bluffs from opponents. The strategy helped in getting all the chips from the opponents rather than only blinds, setting the tone of the tourney and emerging as the Champion.

Enthusiastic about the successful series entering its 18th week, Mr Dilip Srinivas – Head Operation, AndyzFC said, “Our 5K Weekend Freezeout just saw another successful 18th edition, we appreciate our players commitment for adhering to our timeline and we got rolling sharp at 1 pm as scheduled. It gave me immense pleasure to watch my friend and colleague Andy Morgan take the tourney down after so many suck-outs in the past! We anticipate taking this to the next level, growing the ever-increasing poker community in India, and positioning Bangalore as one of the leading destinations in tourney player development – this is still just the beginning!”

Final Table Dynamics

Even after losing half his stack to Muttu Kumar in the first hand of the final table Andy Morgan kept his cool and did not give up, sailing through the final table with an exceptional skill display. On the other hand, Vinay Kumar kept his semi-aggressive game going to pick up lot of blinds to ease his way to the final table. Vinay Kumar, Hari Kumar and Mukunda Dasharathy were the tourney regulars who made the final table along with regular cash game players Vijayakanth R, Muttu Kumar, Krishna Kumar and Praveen Agarwal.

The final table started with the following stacks:

1. Karthik Mandanna  70.2K
2. Andy Morgan  59.3K
3. Praveen Agarwal  43.8K
4. Krishna Kumar  37.1K
5. Vijayakanth R.  32.4K
6. Muttu Kumar  30.9K
7. Hari Kumar  29.5K
8. Jai Kiran  27.3K
9. Mukunda Dasharathy 23.9K
10. Vinay Kumar  22.6K

FT Battle and ITM War

The 1st hand of the final table saw Muttu Kumar doubling up through Andy Morgan when Muttu Kumar jammed on Andy’s raise with AJdd. Andy made the call with A7. K4Q,6,2 community gave Muttu Kumar the best start possible to the Final Table.

Krishna Kumar was the one to depart first from the Final Table. Krishna moved all in from mid-position with AJos and got called by Praveen Agarwal who had AQos. The dealer drew K 10 5,2,6 community  knocking out Krishna 10th.

One of the tournament regulars of Bangalore, Mukunda Dashrathy was the next casualty. Hari Kumar opened 8.5K from mid-position with A10hh to which Big Blind Mukunda Dasharathy went all in with K8os, Hari made the call and A44 on the flop sealed the deal.

Strong determination to play his best game of poker yielded reward for Andy Morgan as he double up his short stack through Vinay Kumar. Vinay opened with 99s, Andy jammed with AQhh, Flop K8h2h, turn 10h, river 10 completed the nut flush and a double up for Andy Morgan.

Jai Kiran finished 8th in the tournament when he shoved his stack from button with A10os. Small blind Muttu Kumar called with AJ. Cards ran out 2 3 5 flop, Q turn and J river to knock out Jai Kiran 8th.

Hari Kumar got damn unlucky when his KKs got cracked. He opens to 11K at 2,5K/5K, Big blind Praveen Agarwal announces all-in, Hari snap calls and turns over KKs against Praveen’s 3-6os. Flop 6 A 9, Turn J, River 6 gives Praveen trips and Hari Kumar gets sucked out as the bubble leaving everyone else in money.

The Title Chase

Once all 6 players got assured of money, the game intensified to clinch the title at AndyzFC.  Vijayakanth R and Muttu Kumar bid goodbye to the Final Table in 6th and 5th positions respectively. Andy used his past read and playing history to trap Muttu Kumar by limping AQ from UTG, Muttu announces all-in with KJcc and Andy calls to double-up Ace-high. Very next hand Muttu Kumar jammed his 2 blind stacks from UTG with J8, Andy Morgan on the big blind called with K6. 974,5,2 community renders King high good and Muttu Kumar gets 10K for 5th place.

Karthik Mandanna’s tournament run came to an end in 4th place when he moved all-in with K10os from the button at the blind level of 3.5K/7K. Big blind Praveen Agarwal called with A3os. Flop 5 10 6 gave Karthik the lead but turn 3 and river Ace rewarded the good call made by Praveen and Karthik went home with 20K for 4th place.

Then started the grueling 3-way action that lasted 5 levels with chips exchanged between the 3 remaining players frequently, Vinay’s 55s hit full house on 335J4 community against Praveen’s AJ, Andy’s 1010s holding good against Praveen’s 99s to make a major chip shift and leaving Praveen Agarwal shortest stack who was chip leader when 3-way action started.

Praveen Agarwal departed in the 3rd place leaving Vinay and Andy in the heads up. Action started with Praveen who moved goes all-in from button with 44s. Vinay made the call with A8, Flop AK10, turn Q and river 5 knocked out Praveen Agarwal with 30K in prize money.

In the final hand of the tournament, Vinay raised from button with Q10dd. Andy re-raised him with KQcc to which Vinay announced all-in and Andy makes the tough call. Flop AQ7, Turn K and river 10 gives both players two pairs but Andy’s KQ holding high gave him the title and valuable 100 leaderboard points enabling a huge jump from 51st to 16th and not to forget the 100K in the top prize. Vinay Kumar took home 60K for his efforts to the 2nd place in the tournament.

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