Chips Chat with Kanishka Samant

kanishka-samant-poker“Champions are made from something they have deep inside of them – a desire, a dream, a vision.” – Kanishka Samant realized these words in April 2015 winning the Main Event of India Poker Championship (IPC). He emerged out at the top of one of the largest live poker fields in India bagging a monstrous payout of Rs 11.5 lakhs. He also became the only player to win this title twice in the history of IPC. Earlier in 2012, Kanishka had clinched the IPC ME title in a 51-player field for Rs 4,36,000.

2 months passed in a flash with a few tournaments in Bangalore and we have reached the next edition of IPC which kicks off today, June 03. Kanishka is also back on the same turf to defend his title. Nobody has ever won the IPC Main Event title back-to-back and Kanishka will also face a stiff competition from a lot of familiar face on Indian felt. OnlinePokerNews (OPN) spoke to Kanishka about the past two months after the IPC win in April and his plans for the rest of the year.

Q1. How have things been after the IPC Main Event win for the 2nd time in April?

Kanishka – It was a good reassuring feeling for my game and has motivated me to work even harder.  After IPC, I won my first event in Bangalore in the recently finished THOS Chip Hop Hustle.

Q2. All geared up for defending the title? Who all do you think will be the toughest challengers?

Kanishka – I’m playing well and I’m ready! There will be some 250+ tough challengers, can never underestimate anyone.

Q3. Have you planned any international outings in the remaining part of this year?

Kanishka – I am planning on some international outings probably the APPT manila in July- August would be amongst the recent ones happening.  I can’t do Vegas this year but looking forward for it next year.

Q4. What are your poker goals for 2015?

Kanishka – No specific goals as such. But, I’m working on keeping a healthy balance between live and online play and routinely reviewing my game.

Q5. What do you like the most to do off the felt?

Kanishka – I generally prefer catching up with family and old friends. I watch a lot of movies and documentaries in when free and spend time with my pets.

Q6. What would you suggest to the new generation of players who aspire to take up poker professionally? How should one pace up the poker career?

Kanishka – One should look at poker as their own private enterprise where your profits and losses go hand in hand in the long run with the decisions you take on and off the table. Discipline is the key along with proper bankroll management and a keen interest to keep improving your game. And most importantly, one should maintain table etiquettes and always respect their opponents.

OPN India wishes you all the best for the IPC June events and other tournaments to come in 2015.

Kanishka – Thanks!