Free Online Poker Course by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

online-poker-courseFor thousands of poker enthusiasts across the globe who want to learn and master this game of skill, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has launched a free online course. It’s an open-to-all course teaching mathematical aspects of poker and uses of applied theory to get better in the game.

Kevin Desmond, a finance graduate is taking lectures of this course name “Poker Theory and Analytics”. The enrolling candidates get 8 video lectures ranging from basic strategies to complex mathematical calculations and probability theories. During the course, lecture notes and insights are provided to the viewers and each module ends with an assignment to test.

The Poker Theory and Analytics course is a part of the courses offered by MIT’s Sloan business school. The objective of this course is to teach analytical skills required in poker to professionals who can also apply it to the business, investment and banking domains. This course is an apt training module for anybody who hasn’t learnt poker theoretically.

OpenCourseWare is an online learning platform of Massachusetts Institute of Technology where thousands of free online courses can be attended. Over 175 million users have upgraded their knowledge and skills by learning at OCW. This is not the first time that MIT has come up with a program on gambling or card games. A team of MIT students got popular in 1979 beating casinos at Blackjack. The same team was featured in books like Bringing Down the House and movies such as 21.

You may enroll for the course on the MIT Open Courseware website. Here is one lecture of the course: