Abhishek and Arsh: $100K Poker Journey

Abhishek 11:35:18 23/08/2015

Hey guys

Super late for the reply but i think Arsh’s win in the Live tourney makes up for it
I am going to post week 2 and 3 update together as I am traveling to Spain on Monday for a week.
Again volume has been a bit disappointing due to my some personal stuff but post my Spain trip volume is going to go up considerably.

Week 2 started of with a bang i made 5 final tables in one day but stupidly finished 3-6th in most still a very profitable day but could have been a lot better.

Week 3 was a bit harsh to start the poker gods were clearly angry at me for something but their anger didn’t last long and had a good sunday finishing 6th in the Sunday warmup for 1.7K euros.
Was probably the toughest FT and F2T i have ever played and i couldn’t really adjust to the aggressiveness of the table. Would say i got really lucky to even finish 6th in this one.

5th 55€ Warmup on Stasr.fr for 1750€
2nd 11r on 888 for 813$
5th 22$ 10K on stars for 744$
3rd 30$ Swordfish 888 for 697$
6th 5.4TKO on Stars for 434$
1st 20E 6m on Titan for 330€

Have a long break from poker now, have my in-laws visiting me and then going to Spain with them for a small trip.
Will take pics in Spain and upload when back.

There is one important thing about my personal life and its going to be a bit hard
My in-laws don’t really know that i have turned to playing full time poker and this is the time me and my wife tell them.
They are quite open minded but just like everyone in India they still look at poker as pure gambling and its tough to explain how someone can make a living in poker.
Fortunately i have some results to show them which should help our case.

!!! Wish me luck will need loads of it !!!

Week 2 and 3 Graph ( abhi147 )


Arsh 11:20:36 23/08/2015

Week 2 & 3 Update –

Hey Guys, We are definitely late for the weekly update but it was completely my fault. I left for Goa on 11th and Just returned last week. It was a really hectic week as I played online for the first couple of days before heading out and played all the events at the India Poker Championship. Just had one deep finish at the online felts which was –

5th Hot 22$ for almost 1k$ on Stars

I was really pumped for the India Poker Championship as I hadn’t played live in a while and was constantly working hard the last couple of months to prepare myself for this series. It paid off and we shipped the Event #2: 200$ Freezeout outright for 11k$+

Win of the Week (IPC Event #2 – 10k Kickoff)


Even though this win will not be included in the challenge, It has given me a lot of confidence and motivation to work harder everyday so I decided to include it in the post. I’ve just returned back and I’m ready to go hard again on the online felts. The next couple of weeks should be fun ^_^

Week 2 Graph (BigggTymeR)

Week 2 Graph-BigggTymeR

Couldn’t put in much volume as we only played online 3/7 days this week. And I missed almost the whole week 3. We ended the week +223$

Week 4 Plans –

I’ll just be going hard on the online felts the next couple of days, studying a lot, getting coached/coaching my students and hopefully our rungood from the IPC continues.

Combined Results (Week 2 & Week 3) (abhi147 + BigggTymeR)

Combined Results (Week 2 & Week 3) (abhi147 + BigggTymeR)

Combined Results Overall (abhi147 + BigggTymeR)


Overall Combined Profits (Week 1, 2, 3) – 11,346$ (11.34% of Challenge)

GL Everyone this weekend!

Abhishek 09:20:20 08/08/2015

Thanks a lot everyone

Sorry for the late update have been having some issues with PokerStars lately
Haven’t been able to put a lot of volume since the challenge started mainly due to some technical issue on PokerStars which still hasn’t been 100% sorted by their support team

Anyways first week started of quite good poker wise
* 3rd in the 11r on stars for 1186$
* 2nd in 11r on Titan for 1021$

* 1st in 20€ SKO on Stars.fr for about 680 euros including bounties

Personal profit for Week 1 is 2014$


As with every time I win, wife needs a party 😛
This time we went to an Ethiopian restaurant. Trust me it’s the best food I have ever had.

Long weekend ahead

Lets Crush !!!

Arsh 09:25:35 08/08/2015

Week 1 Update –

Hey Guys! So Week 1 of this challenge was pretty good. I managed to play around 200 Games which I think is decent. Had a lot of deep runs and some really good results!

* 2nd Big 22$ for 6.2k$ on Stars
* 2nd 27$psko for 1.1k$ on Stars
* 2nd 55$ Thunder 6-Max for 1.45k$ on 888

Win of the Week (B22)


Week 1 Graph (BigggTymeR) –

arsh-player graph

Ended the week +$6,126 which is not too shabby imo

Week 2 Plans –
I’ll be flying down to Goa for The India Poker Championship (IPC) from (11th – 17th August) so my volume online will suffer. It’s been over 2 months since I went for a live series so I would definitely love this much needed break.

Combined Results (Week 1) (abhi147 + BigggTymeR)

arsh-abhi combined graph

Overall Combined Profits (Week 1) – $8,140 (8.14% of Challenge)

Let’s hope this rungood continues! GL Everyone this weekend ! <3

The Challenge – $100K combined profit

Time – 1 year
MTT buyins – Upto $55
Start Date – 31st July 2015
End Date – 1st August 2016
Who? – Abhishek Rathod (abhi147) and Arsh Grover (BigggTymeR)

abhi147+BigggTymeR combined result
Results this year (abhi147 + BigggTymeR) Combined

The main purpose of the challenge is to motivate us to work harder and play better.
We will post weekly wrap ups in the thread along with details of deep runs/ big scores as and when they happen.

Who are we?

Arsh Grover – (BigggTymeR)

Hey Guys, I’m Arsh Grover from India. I’m 19 years old and my online screenname is “BigggTymeR”. I discovered the game of poker at a pretty young age of 11 when I saw my cousin playing on Facebook, I have always been competitive in nature and as soon as I was introduced to this game I got hooked. It took me 2-3 yrs to realize that I wasn’t good at it and I started reading books, watching videos and building a BR on Zynga poker.

Around that time I started playing seriously with a small BR on UB, Cake and other websites by selling my Zynga Chips and essentially freerolling. In this journey I busted my roll a couple of times and learnt the lesson of BRM the hard way. By the time I turned 17 I got way better by watching a lot of videos, reading books and had some pretty decent scores on those websites. Then I left poker for an year to focus on my studies and after I was done with my high school I decided to take up poker professionally as I turned 18. I was and I still am in love with this game. Fast-forward to Dec. 2014, I took a huge hit to my BR and was down to 100$ when I decided to make a challenge thread on 2p2 for myself to stay focused, follow proper BRM, study a lot and turn this around.

2015 P&GC Threadhttp://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/17…-bang-1495801/

I managed to build my BR up to 14k$+ within 3 weeks, courtesy of some rungood and joined a poker stable. In the past 7 months, I’ve probably improved way more than I have in the past 8 years. I’m getting coached 5hr/week, putting a lot of volume and time in studying, reviewing HHs, watching RIO and grinding 12h+ a day/5-6 days a week.

bbz staking

I’m really glad that I took the decision of joining a stable like BBZ Staking and can’t thank my coaches Raph, H0ldiT and bigbluffzinc enough for all the progress that I’ve made as a player in the last 6 months. It’s an incredible group of talented players in the stable which makes the process of learning so much more fun. Apart from playing poker I love playing fifa, watching movies/shows, listening to good music especially when I’m grinding and going out with friends.

I look forward to crushing this challenge with my good buddy Abhishek as we try to hit 100k$+ Profit together in the span of an year. We’ll be updating this blog regularly with our progress and will be going HARD on the online felts.

Year to Date Graph (BigggTymeR) –

arsh graph

Abhishek Rathod – (abhi147)


My name is Abhishek Rathod, I am originally from India now living in Sweden.
I have grown up playing and loving sports and games such as tennis, table tennis, snooker along with a lot of computer games. I was introduced to poker like many others by Facebook and then our group of friends started playing live ultra nano stakes.
I played recreationally for about 2-3 years after which I decided to play poker semi full time. I started with 3.5 STTs and quickly moved upto 15$ STTs. This is when I decided to play semi full time and got backed by Tim64 aka “onthestoop” for a while. I took it as a test before decided to go full time. If I could beat the games and put in volume I would go pro by year end. Things went well and I was able to put in volume as well.

Around November I decided to go full time pro if I got backed by one of my best poker friends “€urop€an”. After a lot of pestering he agreed to back and coach me.
Things didn’t go well in the start and I was just building up makeup cursing my luck without realizing how bad I was playing. That is when I came across a post by “andressoprano” which sort of hit me hard and I decided to put in all my effort started studying a lot, went from being a lazy overweight person to working out in the Gym 6 days a week.

This year in April I relocated to Sweden to pursue poker full time. And results have started getting a lot better now

Before I start the challenge I would also like to thank my mental coach “Elliot Roe” who has literally done wonders to my confidence and help me get through the challenges I faced in poker and life.

Very excited about the challenge with Arsh who I think is equally hard working and motivated as me. Will update the blog atleast weekly and if any deep runs/scores.

Let’s CRUSH !!!

Year to Date Graph (abhi147) –

abh147 graph