Adda52 LIVE Inaugural Series: Shashank Wins the 1st Event

Shashank - adda52 liveOver 6 hours of excitement, fun and some thrilling poker action at Adda52 LIVE came to a close with Shashank winning the Event #1: 1,000 NLHE, 1 Lakh Gtd. Shashank outplayed a field of 92 runners on Friday evening to win the trophy and Rs 22,000 in cash prize. He played down to the heads up and struck a deal with Krishna without playing a hand which won him the trophy. Krishna having a bigger stack took home the bigger prize money of Rs 30,000. The prize pools overshot its guaranteed mark to Rs 1,13,000 distributed among Top 13 players.

Tournament Round Up

The 1st event of Adda52 8 Lakh Inaugural series started with 5,000 starting stack and a blind level of 15 minutes. Adda52 Team Spades pro Aditya Sushant, Jaideep Sazwan, Sabyasachi Cahkrborty were among the notable players in the field. A low buy-in tournament with high guarantee with an option of re-entry meant a war in the initial hour. Tolin became the first elimination of Event #1 when his d7c7 got cracked by Ashu’s ladies dqhq.

Eka, Shashank, Dheeraj and Yadeesh were among the players amassing bigger stack while other like Saurav Kumar and Suresh kept falling. Sabyasachi rivered a pair of aces but was beaten by Chirag’s trips of Jack. The tournament saw 36 re-entries till the Level 5.

Mid-Level Game and ITM War

The game intensified on remaining tables as the tournament approached mid-levels (10+) of play. Shashank (64,000) was maintaining the chip lead at the 2nd break in the tournament while Shashi (62,000) was following in 2nd place. Dheeraj busted out of the tournament when he called Yadeesh’s All-in. Yadessh won the hand with Pocket 2s against Dheeraj’s h1c8when the community cards didn’t bring any help to Dheeraj. Aditya Sushant drew a superb hand beating the opponent’s trips of 9 with his quads of 2. Danny became the unlucky bubble of the tournament busting in the 14th place.

Race to the Final Table

2 more eliminations followed the bubble burst within the duration of 10 minutes. Yadeesh departed in 13th place for min-cash Rs 1,000 while Ghanshyam left his seat in 12th place. Ghanshyam’s Pocket Nines s9h9 were dominated by Sashi’s cqhq with c1d4d10s1h7 on the board. With the elimination of Madhun in the 11th place, the final table of the 1st event of Adda52 LIVE Inaugural Series was set.

Final Table battle

The final table started with Mehrooz leading with 1,12,500 chips followed by Aditya Sushnat (75,000). 3 back to back eliminations in form of Sashi (10th), Uday (9th) and Anubhav (8th) slashed the Final Table to 7 players. Within a few minutes, 2 more players got eliminated in the same hand. Arpit’s hqh9 and Sushant’s s10d10 were dominated by Pocket Kings cksk of Chetan with board dry foe each of them. Chetan’s torunament came to end in 4th place for Rs 12,000 while Eka place 3rd. Eka’s dkc1 got toppled over by Krishna hitting a pair of Q on river.

The two players- Shashank and Krishna struck a deal in the heads up giving Shashank the title with Rs 22,000. Krishna took home Rs 30,000 in cash prize.