Celebrate the Sibling Love with Magic-Poker on Raksha Bandhan, Hurry to Claim Rs 51000 Rewards!!!

Magic-Poker announced today the launch of their Grand event “Rakhi Royale”. On this auspicious occasion, Magic-Poker is offering grand rewards to its players. The event promises to acknowledge the loyal players with grand reward money worth Rs 51000 prize pool. The event is active from 26th to 30th August 2015.

About “Rakhi Royale ” event (26th Aug to 30th Aug):

  • Download Magic-Poker.
  • Win every day missions during the event.
  • Win Rakhi Royale Grand Lucky Draw Reward.


How to Play the “Rakhi Royale” event:

  1. Mission 1 (26 Aug ’15)>> Win 20 times by 2 pairs on the same day to Claim assured Rs.200 e-voucher.
  2. Mission 2 (27 Aug ’15)>> Win 15 times by 3 of a kind on the same day to Claim assured Rs. 200 e-voucher.
  3. Mission 3 (28 Aug ’15)>> Win 10 times by Straight on the same day to Claim assured Rs. 200 e-voucher.
  4. Mission 4 (29 Aug ’15)>> Win 10 times by flush on the same day to Claim assured Rs. 200 e-vouchers.
  5. Finale (30 Aug’15)>> Complete any of the previous left missions to Participate in the Grand Rakhi Royale Reward Lucky Draw.

*Those who complete daily Missions (1 to 4) by 30th Aug, are eligible to participate in Grand Rakhi Royale Lucky-Draw Reward.

** Daily Missions Reward is for particular Dates only. If completed on other dates, the players are not eligible to claim Rs200/- e-vouchers.

Grand Rakhi Royale Lucky Draw Rewards:

1st Winner: Rs.10000/- e-voucher.

2nd Winner: Rs. 5000/- e-voucher.

3rd Winner: Rs.3000/- e-voucher.

4th Winner: Rs. 2000/- e-voucher.

5th Winner: Rs. 1000/- e-voucher.

How to Claim Rakhi Royale Rewards:

  1. If you complete daily missions, send us your registered e-mail ID, User Name and contact number atsupport@magic-poker.com on the same day. If you are not able to send us on the same day, send us with the mission details on next day.
  2. If you have completed the Rakhi Royale “Finale”, send us your registered e-mail ID, user name and contact number at support@magic-poker.com

“At Magic-Poker, we endeavor to celebrate each and every event with our players. On this Raksha Bandhan, we wanted our players celebrate the sibling love by just playing magic-poker and gifting their sisters with wonderful surprises”. Magic-Poker promises the ultimate gaming entertainment to its players both casual and pros. Magic-Poker adhere to serve all the types and tastes of poker players. On this time, Magic-Poker wanted to make their players happier by launching the grand event on Raksha Bandhan. Magic-Poker offers opportunity to all genres of poker players. Also, they love to reward and acknowledge their loyal players in each and every event. Soon, Magic-Poker will be launching grand events with bigger prize pools.

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