Why This Ex-PokerStars Employee is Posing Threat to the Online Poker Giant?

pokerstars-onlineSerge Pon, a Digital Marketing expert and the Ex-SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Manager of PokerStars and Full Tilt is creating waves in the online poker industry with his announcement. Through a press release published by ReleaseWire, he announced to reveal all the SEO and online marketing techniques used by the two Amaya owned companies to acquire new players globally. This comes at a time when Amaya Inc is making all efforts to re-enter the USA poker market. Serge claims to reveal several underhand tactics in coming weeks used by the biggest online poker room to lure new players.

During the time I was working for PokerStars I have managed to achieve top rankings for “Poker” and other gambling keywords, which lead to 1000s of new visitors. In other words people who followed my marketing techniques to lose their money I feel responsible,” says Serge who feels guilty of his association with the online poker company for years.

Here is a list of things which Serge announced to reveal in coming days:

  1. How PS and FT manipulating search engines
  2. How PS and FT hiding gambling advertising behind editorial content
  3. How PS and FT operating in countries even where they have no license and their domains constantly blocked
  4. How PS use celebrities and other influential people, to create a myth that poker is game of skill.

Though everything he says can’t be believed to the core, he might reveal some of the unknown secrets of the company. Poker is a game of skill and has been proved hundreds of times but the way it is being promoted may differ from company to company. The luring offers and influential advertisements used by companies add more and more players everyday out of which many are not able to win as they do not learn how to play before jumping into the battleground. Companies are also not at fault as offers/bonuses are an inseparable part of any industry in modern times but, if any company is using unethical ways to acquire customers, it must be stopped.

Serge Pon will be talking to media and posting on his website poker.wtf (unavailable when OPN tried checking) about his revelations. The global poker community is surprised at this abrupt news and is awaiting the new chapters of this case. It would be noteworthy to mention here that every company makes its employee sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement which prohibits the employee to reveal the work processes and data publicly. Also, it would be interesting to know whether Serge is doing this at his own or is influenced by an unknown source creating this turmoil.

Read the full Press Release here.

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