Set The Fire on with Magic-Poker’s “One Pair Fire”! Win Rs.10, 000 Smashing Rewards!

Magic-Poker brings to you the smashing “ONE PAIR FIRE” event this week. ONE PAIR FIRE is an exclusive and thrilling event for poker lovers. The players just have to win with “One pair” hand card, the maximum number of times in the game and become eligible for the rewards. The event is starting from 15th September to 20th September 2015 and is of 6 days duration. The total reward money of ONE PAIR FIRE event is Rs 10,000.

About “One Pair Fire” event (15th to 20th September):

  • Download Magic-Poker from Google Play store.
  • Play and win with “One pair” hand card with maximum number of times.
  • Win “One Pair Fire” Mega Rewards. The Top 10 players will be rewarded according their maximum times of One Pair Hand card wins rank wise in the game.


Worthy Information on ONE PAIR FIRE event:

  • The Top 10 players will be rewarded according to their winnings with “one pair” hand rank in the game following the increasing order of the ranks.
  • If there is a tie of players at any rank, then:
  1. The player with the maximum number of WIN times will be rewarded.
  2. If there is still tie in the above parameters, the player with the maximum number of PLAY times will be rewarded.
  3. Again, if there is tie in the all the above parameters, the player with the maximum in-game cash, will be rewarded.
  • Above rules act in accordance with Magic-poker players’ with the cumulative play effects (whole time play).


  1. Other territory players will be rewarded accordingly to their country currency.
  2. Any unfair gaming will lead to disqualification from the event.

On the Magic-Pokers current and upcoming events, the One Pair Fire event claims to have a unique play concept. The player will enjoy as well as competes to be at the top rank. If in case of lack of in-game cash or diamonds, the player has an amazing option of “STORE” tab where he can click and buy money to play further in the game. Also, buy SEXY GIRLS for your card deck. A player can also go for “FREE SLOTS” to win every day with loads of cash.