Casino Pride Spreads Its Wings to Nepal

casino-pride-nepalIn March 2015, we reported that the Pride Group, one of the casino operators in India will be launching a gaming center in Nepal. Finally the day came on 17th October when Casino Pride opened its gates for the gaming enthusiasts at the new facility situated in the Hyatt Hotel. This is the 3rd casino in the country after Silver Heritage and Casino Mahjong already running. Casino Pride, Kathmandu will also house a poker room for all the poker lovers travelling to the country.

Goa Costal Resorts and Recreational Pvt Ltd, the parent company of the Casino Pride got a nod for Foreign Direct investment after its partnership with the Nepal-based Entertainment and Recreational Pvt Ltd. The gaming and casino industry of Nepal is on its path of revival after the government had shut down all operators in 2014. Moreover, this will also boost the country’s economy with tax revenues which was badly hit by the earthquake.

The tourism industry of Nepal is also set to flourish after the damages by the earthquake have been fixed over the months. Casinos in collaboration with the hotels will attract more tourists and hence add to the foreign currency reserves. Tourists from surrounding countries like India, China etc. find Nepal casinos better to vie for due to higher currency values.

Pride group which operates 2 offshore and 3 land-based casinos in Goa is all set to boost its revenues from the Nepal property. Alike its Goa Casinos, the Nepal Casino will offer a variety of gaming options including poker.