India Poker Fantasy League (IPFL) Unveiled Its Logo; 2 Days to Go For the First Season

IPFL_logoThe newest entry to the poker industry of India is the Fantasy Draft in form of India Poker Fantasy League. IPFL came into existence from a discussion wherein 4 Indian players – Sumit Sapra, Anup Palod, Deepak Raina and Dhaval Mudgal were involved. The 4 grinders who have closely watched the poker industry of the country got together to conceptualized the first poker fantasy draft and IPFL was launched on a social media forum.

Today, IPFL unveiled its brand logo with the tagline – Connecting Indian Poker Fans. The logo has all the elements of poker blended with Indian colours which symbolizes the unity of the Indian poker community. IPFL intends to bring all the Indian poker fans to a platform where they can play fantasy draft for poker tournaments across the country. In a conversation with OPN India, Mr. Sumit Sapra said, “We want to add a fun element to the poker events happening in India, build more camaraderie within the Indian poker community and help Indian poker players get to know their peers better.”

36 fantasy teams has been confirmed so far which the team owners have formed after paying the entree fee of $100. Each team has 6 players who will fetch points for their team owners as per their performance in the IPC events based on a formula. Here is the list of 48 player out of which you may pick your team of 6. But, a team’s total cost must not overshoot 40 million IPFL play money. Team’s shall be formed and entry fees paid before 11 pm (IST) November 29, 2015. Here are the detailed rules of IPFL:

  1. Every participant has a total budget of $40 Million (IPFL play money) to put together a squad of 6 players from the list provided. It is your responsibility to make sure your squad is within the budget, if you submit a squad which exceeds the budget your entry will be disqualified.
  2. As already pointed out, you cannot select yourself in the squad, it has to be 6 OTHER players.
  3. Once you complete the submission forms with all details please send the USD 100 fee via PS transfer to PS id ‘boronyx’. As mentioned earlier if funds are not received by the cutoff time – 11 pm (IST) on November 29, 2015, your entry will not be considered.
  4. We will be scoring all the players on the published list based on a standard points formula for MTTs, made available publicly on our facebook page. Only the top 10% finishers in a particular event will receive points, all other players will receive no points for that event.
  5. For every event only the top 5 performers from your squad will count towards the scores for your team, So hypothetically if all 6 players from your team finish in the top 10% we will consider only the top 5 finishers for calculating the overall score for your squad for that event.
  6. Once team submissions are made, no changes are permitted at any time whatsoever.
  7. We will be paying out top 10% finishers in our competition, so if there are 30 entries, top 3 get paid. Prizes will be announced once entries close, we might have some additional prizes for top 3 teams as well as top 3 performers from the player list, details to be disclosed later.
  8. The scores for all the players in the list and all the competing teams will be updated at the end of every event and published on our Facebook page.

Here’s the Participation Form and the Player’s List.

List of events in IPC December edition to be counted towards IPFL scores –

  1. 30 November 2015, 5k Warm Up (NLHE Freezeout)
  2. 01-03 December 2015, 10k Kickoff (NLHE Freezeout)
  3. 03 December 2015, 100k Highroller (NLHE Freezeout)
  4. 03 December 2015, 5k Ladies Event (Freezeout)
  5. 04 December 2015, 25k Pot Limit Omaha (6-Max PLO Freezeout)
  6. 05-06 December 2015, 50k MAIN EVENT (NLHE Freezeout)
  7. 06 December 2015, 15k Spartan Bounty (Freezeout)