Joe McKeehen Wins 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event for $7.7 Million

Joe McKeehen wsop 2015The 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event crowned the Pennsylvania poker pro Joe McKeehen champion as he beat Joshua Beckley heads-up clinching the victory. McKeehen took home the hefty prize money of $7.68 million with the prestigious Main Event gold bracelet.

McKeehen, the 24-year-old poker ace from Pennsylvania with a math degree, held an unwavering chip lead and 67 percent of all the chips on the table going into Tuesday’s showdown, or some 128 million worth. He was responsible for dashing the dreams of four of the “November Nine” members on Monday and Tuesday before ousting Blumenfield. The heads-up battle lasted for 184 hands between McKeehen and Beckley. In the final hand of 2015 WSOP Main Event, Beckley moved all in from the button with a stack of 19.4 million and McKeehen wasted little time in making the call. He had h1d10, which left Beckley’s tournament life hanging in the balance in a coin flip with d4c4 .

The  flop sqc10s5 propelled McKeehen to the front and left Beckley in need of a two-outer. After the d5 came close on the turn, it was down to the river for Beckley to stay alive. After a final burn card to the felt, the dealer ripped off the {J-Clubs} and McKeehen’s hands shot up to the rafters in celebration.

World Series of Poker tournament events began in May and continued for 51 days with 68 events, culminating with the annual Main Event. It’s a grueling multi-day poker marathon that whittled down the competition from 6,420 entries at $10,000 each to nine players, all already guaranteed at least $1 million each. The final table battle of the 2015 WSOP began on 8th November and in 3 days of play, the 8 players fell down one by one. McKeehen who started with 1/3rd of the chips in play was already the most favorite and with 4 eliminations he amassed an invincible chip stack.

2015 WSOP Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Joe McKeehen USA $7,683,346
2 Josh Beckley USA $4,470,896
3 Neil Blumenfield USA $3,398,298
4 Max Steinberg USA $2,615,361
5 Ofer Zvi Stern Israel $1,911,423
6 Thomas Cannuli USA $1,426,283
7 Pierre Neuville Belgium $1,203,293
8 Federico Butteroni Italy $1,097,056
9 Patrick Chan USA $1,001,020