Adda52 LIVE Chip Up Tournament Dec’15: 5 Lac GTD Event – Live Reporting

jaideep-adda52-liveJaideep wins the 5 Lac GTD Main Event

Time: 04:30 Level: 19 Blinds: 6,000/12,000 Ante: 2000

Jaideep went all-in in the last hand of the heads-up and Sriram took a moment to call. At showdown:

Jaideep: ckhj

Sriram: sqd6

The community djh1hkh5c2 gave Jaideep 2 pair to win the trophy.

Jaideep took home Rs 140,000 in prize money while Sriram bagged Rs 1.19 Lacs for runner-up finish.

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Heads-up deal made

Time: 04:18 Level: 19 Blinds: 8,000/16,000 Ante: 2000

Jaideep and Sriram struck a heads-up deal of Rs 1.2 Lacs each and they’ll now play for Rs 19,000 and the winner’s trophy.

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Pawan eliminated in 3rd place for Rs 64,000

Time: 04:10 Level: 18 Blinds: 6,000/12,000 Ante: 2000

Short stacked Pawan went all-in preflop to which Jaideep folded but Sriram called. At the showdown:

Pawan: djsk

Sriram: c1d1

Sriram’s Aces held high on the board of c9dqd4c7d3. Pawan got eliminated in 3rd place leaving Sriram and Jaideep in the heads-up.

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Srinivasan (5th/Rs 34,000) and Neeraj (4th/Rs 49,000) eliminated

Time: 03:42 Level: 18 Blinds: 6,000/12,000 Ante: 2000

Srinivasan was the first to depart from top 5. Sriram beat him making a good stack. Srinivasan took home Rs 34,000 in cash prize. Further it was Neeraj falling against Sriram when his h1s9 failed to get any help from community while Sriram flopped a King-pair. Neeraj won Rs 49,000 in the 4th place of the main event.

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Tournament down to 5 players

Time: 03:05 Level: 16 Blinds: 4,000/8,000 Ante: 1000

With the elimination of Kishore (8th/Rs 19,000), Preeti (7th/Rs 24,000) and Deepak Kempegowda (6th/RS 26,500), the Main Event is down to 5 players.

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Sandeep (10th/Rs 8,000) and Guru (9th/Rs 16,500) eliminated

Time: 02:12 Level: 14 Blinds: 2,500/5,000 Ante: 1000

2 players fell in the final table battle and it was Srinivasan beating both of them. First Sandeep was up against Srinivasan preflop shoving his stack with d5h5 while Srinivasan called with ckd10. Community djskc7s9h9 gave Srinivasan bigger 2-pairs to win the pot. Sandeep departed in the 10th place for Rs 8,000.

Again Srinivasan called the 72,000 all-in by Guru. At the showdown:

Guru: ckcj

Srinivasan: s1s10

Table: hqc8d4s4sq gave Srinivasan the pot with 2 pair and Ace-Kicker. Guru finished in the 9th position for Rs 16,500.

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Final Table Formed; Money Bubble (10th) secured with Rs 8,000

Time: 01:45 Level: 13 Blinds: 2,000/4,000 Ante: 500

The 5 Lac GTD Main Event has reached the Final Table of 10 players. Leading the pack is Jaideep Sazwan with 256K chips followed by Sriram with 133K chips.

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Vinay B eliminated by Jaideep

Time: 01:22 Level: 13 Blinds: 2,000/4,000 Ante: 500

To a raise of 22,000 by Vinay, Jaideep announced all-in. Vinay tanked for a while but finally called.

Vinay: c6h6

Jaideep: h1dj

Another Ace on the flop won Jaideep the hand and it was the end of tournament for Vinay B.

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Winner takes home Rs 160,000 tonight

Time: 01:15 Level: 13 Blinds: 2,000/4,000 Ante: 500

9 places are paid in this tournament with a min-cash of Rs 17,500. The winner gets the lions share of the prize pool. Here is the declared payout:

1 160,000
2 100,000
3 65,000
4 50,000
5 35,000
6 27,500
7 25,000
8 20,000
9 17,500