Daniel Negreanu Wins the PokerStars Shark Cage Season 2 Beating Phil Ivey Heads Up

From a star-studded final table to a super-hot heads-up, PokerStars Shark Cage Season 2 had everything. And, it was Daniel Negreanu stealing the show in the heads-up against Phil Ivey to win $966,000 in top prize with the trophy. It was the first time when these two titans of poker were up against each other in tournament poker and they played their best to win.

After Ivey eliminated Maria Ho in 3rd place, the 2 poker maestros were facing each other and the world was waiting for an epic poker battle.

“Ok, son,” said Ivey.

“Ok, boss,” replied Negreanu. “Let’s play some poker…it’s been a long time…have we played heads up before?”

“No, you always get knocked out before me.” Replies Ivey.

Negreanu started the heads-up with a 3.2m v 2.8m chip lead and went on to win the title. It was an interesting heads-up which thousands of poker fans have been waiting for. It lasted 6 televised hands and the Kidpoker clinched the trophy.

Watch the episode 2 of the PokerStars Shark Cage Season 2 which is played down to the winner: