Interesting Questions and Takeaways From Daniel Negreanu’s Reddit AMA

〈Dec 07, 2015 17:12〉 Daniel Negreanu was on Reddit recently for an “Ask Me Anything” session before the premier of the documentary “KidPoker” which is based on his life story. Hundreds of Daniel’s fans from across the world jumped into the AMA discussion to ask him questions.daniel-negreanu-reddit-ama People asked questions about poker strategy and tips, his views on recent changes announced in PokerStars VIP program and also about other players in the international arena. Apart from several interesting answers, Daniel threw light on a few crucial tips for poker beginners. Below are some of the interesting questions and takeaways from Daniel Negreanu’s Reddit AMA:

Pardonme23 What’s a common tell amateurs have?

Daniel Negreanu – Glancing at their chips quickly when they like the flop.

AvoidMyRage Hey Daniel, big fan. Here is my question: Let’s say you would commit all your time, energy and money to making as much money playing poker, what/where would you play and how much do you think could you average a year?

Daniel Negreanu – I would play in Macau and think I could average $7 million a year.

Tkzn Hi Daniel, can you tell us what are your thoughts on the new VIP programs that PokerStars offer. Do you think it will affect so much the pro players that they’ll leave the site ? And if so, will the recreational player gained overcome that?

Daniel Negreanu – I would have made changes to the program years ago, but if I were in charge I would have made sure I gave ample notice that the changes were coming. They are essential, but I wish they would wait until Jan 1, 2017 to implement them and I wouldn’t target high limit players by removing their VPPs.

Butcherandom If you HAD to put numbers to it, what percentage of poker is skill and what percentage is luck?

Daniel Negreanu – It’s hard to say because time is a factor. In one hand for example it’s 100% luck, but over a million hands luck would play less than 0.000001% of a role in your results.

CaptainTacoface1 Who’s the most fun to play with on the tour?

Daniel Negreanu – I’d say Phil Hellmuth. He is quite a character and beating him in a hand creates a lot of fun. I can’t help but laugh at him he is OUT THERE! haha!

chris6987 Is poker still a viable career for someone to aspire to? Or, is it too close to reaching a point where everyone plays so close to optimally so no one can have an edge.

Daniel Negreanu – Depending on your skill set I still think there is plenty of money to be made, you just have to find the right situations.

GlitteredCunt Daniel, big fan. I’ve recently got into playing poker and I’m astonished with your ability to read hands so well. Is it luck or is there a certain give away that gives you the ability to read hands like their moves on the table or even body movements? What would you tell someone trying to get better at reading opponents?

Daniel Negreanu – I would say PAY ATTENTION. To all details. What they wear, do they seem honest? What do they do for a living? Then for physical tells, look for literally anything that sticks out and relate it to the cards they turn over. Grab as many clues as you can and they might help you in the crucial moments.

You can read the full AMA here.


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