PokerStars VIP Program Row: Alex Millar Parted Ways from Team Online

Alex Millar

The protest against VIP program changes of PokerStars doesn’t seem stopping and the latest addition to it is the striking announcement by Alex Milllar aka Kanu7. Alex Millar who has been a part of PokerStars Team Online Pro since October 2013 has left the sponsorship over the recent VIP Program changes. He seems to be unsatisfied with the latest stands of the company over the protests by online players across the world. He expressed his woe over the issue saying he hasn’t been able to help the players and he can no longer represent the company.

Alex announced his decision of parting ways with Team PokerStars Online on Twitter:

The protests against the VIP program changes of PokerStars ignited this month when over 2,500 high stakes players went on a strike of not playing on the site for 3 days and withdrawing funds as well. PokerStars announced that the company didn’t suffer any loss due to this strike and will implement the announced changes from 1st January 2016. However, players around the world didn’t stop protesting and it surfaced at the EPT Prague Super High Roller Final Table where several players took seat in a protest t-shirt.