“Texas Holdem With a Twist” – Adda52.com Launches Crazy Pineapple

adda52-crazy-pineappleTexas Holdem is the primary variant of poker everybody learns and plays. Be it cash games or the tournaments, this is the most played poker variant in India and across the world. Adda52.com, India’s largest poker site has spiced it up for the Texas Holdem players with the launch of Crazy Pineapple poker. Crazy Pineapple is similar to the classical No Limit Holdem in game play and rules but has a twist to up the action as well as probabilities to win.

Adda52.com is the first poker site in India to launch Crazy Pineapple poker. Being the pioneer of online poker in India, the company has kept up with the pace of evolving poker market in the country and has continuously added new features and games in its offerings.

In Crazy Pineapple poker, each player gets 3 hole cards instead of 2 which are dealt in Texas Holdem. The interesting part of the game comes after the flop round of betting when every active player has to discard one of his hole cards. You can calculate all the possibilities on Flop and discard the weakest card in your arsenal to proceed ahead in the game. This boots the volume of hands played by each player in the game as well as the number of multi-way pots till the final 2 streets. The extra card also imparts higher odds to win and hence bring continuous action in the game.

The company has launched 2 real cash table of Crazy Pineapple in the initial phase. The first table has a buy-in range of Rs 50 – 200 with the blinds of Rs 2/4 while the higher stakes table has the buy-in range of Rs 2,000 – Rs 6,000 with the blind of 25/50. Adda52 has also introduced a freeroll table for Crazy Pineapple for people who want to try out before vying with real money.

Once you start playing Crazy Pineapple on Adda52.com, you will learn the strategies of playing with 3 cards till flop as well as the dynamics of post-flop game. The company will launch a variety of stakes in Crazy Pineapple in coming days. So, try the crazy game and enjoy the vast possibilities of winning.

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