2016 Wishlist of Indian Poker Players

We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving, and we all have the power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing. The start of a New Year has always been special to make wishes & resolutions and get started with a new enthusiasm to fulfill our dreams. As we enter 2016 today, OPN India interacted with several Indian poker players to know their 2016 wish list. Player revealed their wishes for the New Year which includes personal goals as well as poker ambitions.


Nipun Java

Life goals: Pay more emphasis on fitness. I want to be in the best shape of my life by end of 2016. Be kinder to strangers and less judgmental of people. Become a better listener, and be more grateful of the life I lead.

Poker goals: To be a better player by the end of 2016 than I have been in 2015. Put in more hours to learn the game than I have in 2015. Also to Never play poker unless I’m fully committed to play my best.

Amit Jain

  • To lose weight and become fit and start poker coaching.
  • Also, I want to win a main event in Asia and India.
  • Most important of all, I want to dedicate more time to our family.

Kunal Patni

  • Win an IPC Main Event – that’s the biggest one for all Indian poker players.
  • Get another trophy in the Asian region – a little disappointed at not getting another one even after making 11 final table appearances last year.
  • Get a big score online – have come close 3-4 times but still eluding me. 2016 looks like the year for me.
  • Get featured on the cover of a poker magazine.
  • Have a better run at WSOP than last year – WSOP was the worst series for me last year although I had a good year overall.

Sangeet Mohan

  • Win an IPC event. I have final tabled a bunch of them but never won one.
  • Stop getting bored of Galfond’s monotonous tone and actually pay attention to the last ten minutes of what he says in his videos!
  • Give more weightage to study in my daily session plan.
  • Get a poker mindset coach.

Vikram Kumar

  • To reach the Top 5 of IPOY
  • Win a Few titles
  • Become fit
  • To be a likeable player amongst the fraternity

Kavish Kukreja

Personal goals: To be more disciplined and to try and balance more between my business and poker and excel in both fields . I am a stock broker mainly (just for the record).

Poker goals: To put more volume in poker compared to 2015. Also have more events like the IPC Finale with bigger buy-ins and more numbers. To work continuously with our Team Thrill and excel as a group to achieve our goals in poker for 2016

Muskan Sethi

  • See my family proud, happy & healthy
  • Become a better poker player and achieve at least 2 goals from my Vision Board this year. My Vision Board has all my dreams, visions & inspirations pinned on it. There are about 7 major goals in total! I’ve only made 2 of them happen so far now 5 more to go. No looking back! Fingers crossed!
  • Contribute to a few foundations that are doing the right thing and are very close to my heart.
  • Launch my Tech project n start up that my younger brother & I have been working on.
  • Learn something new and add a skill
  • Travel to places I’ve never seen before
  • Make an Investment
  • Paint a masterpiece
  • Loose some weight

Abhishek Panda

  • Win a poker tournament outside India
  • Learn a new poker variant and become a winning player at it
  • Eat healthy and get into shape
  • Go for an extended backpacking trip.