Deltin Poker Tournament Jan’16 – Adda52 25K DeepStack – Live Reporting

Y J Kim Wins the Adda52 25K DeepStack eventkim - Copy

Time: 9:50 Level:26 Blinds: 20000/40000/5000

Kim opens 50K and Manoj goes all-in and Kim tank calls . At the showdown:

Manoj: c1dj

Kim: c5d5

Kim’s pocket fives held up against Manoj’s Ace-Jack on the board of d2h10c2d6s7.

Kim win the tournament bagging Rs 7,10,000 while Manoj finishes  in runner-up place for Rs 7,35,000

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Y J Kim doubles up

Time: 9:02 Level:24 Blinds: 12000/24000/3000

After a lots of hands which got folded either preflop or on flop, the 2 players played till to the showdown.

Manoj bets to make Y J Kim go all-in. Kim calls to showdown:

Manoj: s7h7

Kim: dqc8

Kim took down the pot with sqc2djhjhk on board.

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niteshNitesh Baliyan finishes 3rd for Rs 6,85,250

Time: 8:27 Level:23 Blinds: 10000/20000/3000

Nitesh the shortest stack among final 3 goes all-in with c10d9 and gets a call from Kim who shows hjc6. The board runs skckdjs1s2. Kim takes down the pot with 2 pairs and knocks out Nitesh in 3rd place.

Now, Kim is up against Manoj in heads up battle.

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Top 3 Struck a deal

Time: 8:15 Level:23 Blinds: 10000/20000/3000

Top 3 players – Manoj R, Nitesh Baliyan and Y J Kim have struck a 3-way deal as per chip counts. Manoj secured Rs 7,10,000, Nitesh gets Rs 6,85,000 and Kim bags Rs 6,10,000 leaving rest of the money in play.

As per the deal, the winner will get Rs 1 Lac, runner-up will get Rs 50,000 and 3rd will get Rs 2,500 extra.

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rajat-jain - CopyRajat Jain finishes 4th for Rs 3,50,000

Time: 7:40 Level:23 Blinds: 10000/20000/3000

Rajat jain moves all-in preflop with s1s6 and Manoj makes the call with his ladies dqhq. Community sqh5d6djc2 gives the pot to Manoj with his set of Queens.

Rajat Jain get eliminated in 4th place in the tournament.

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Rajat Jain doubles up

Time: 7:05 Level:22 Blinds: 8000/16000/2000

Kim and Rajat were in the hand and Kim bet 48,000 on flop h5s10c9. Rajat called going all-in and shows d1s1while Kim has h1d8. Turn c4, River s5 gives the pot to Rajat Jain.

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jujharJujhar Kochar finishes 5th for Rs 2,45,000

Time: 6:40 Level:21 Blinds: 6000/12000/1000

Juhjar goes all-in from UTG preflop and Nitesh calls while other fold. At the showdown:

Jujhar: dks10

Nitesh: cqc10

Nitesh pairs up with another Queen on the flop d2sqd6 and knocks out Jujhar with turn s4, river c3.

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Jagdeep Singh finishes 6th for Rs 1,92,500

Time: 6:14 Level:20 Blinds: 5000/10000/500

Jagdeep Singh puts 90,000 on the flop of c7s1hq to which Manoj went all-in. Jagdeep calls to showdown:

Manoj: c1s10

Jagdeep: h1s9

Manoj eliminates Jagdeep with a better Kicker as both of them had flopped Ace-pair. Turn d8, River c3 didn’t help Jagdeep.

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Anuj Gupta (8th/Rs 1,05,000) and Shravan Chhabria (7th/Rs 1,40,000)shravan-deepstack - Copy

Time: 5:42 Level:19 Blinds: 4000/8000/500

Anuj Gupta who coudn’t turn up for the Day 2 was blinded out to 8th position finish in the tournament. He bagged Rs 1,05,000.

Shravan Chhabria was the next to get eliminated in the tournament.  In his last hand, Manoj opened preflop with 41,000 which Shravan 3-bet to 60,000. Manoj went all-in and Shravan called to showdown:

Shravan: d1dq

Manoj: hkdk

Manoj was leading preflop and with another King ck on flop and bricked turn & river, Manoj knocks out Shravan in 7th place.

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Shravan Chhabria doubles up

Time: 5:28 Level:19 Blinds: 4000/8000/500

Shravan goes all-in preflop with sjsq and Kim makes the call and shows dkc8. Community d8c4s4h9cj rewards the pot to Shravan making 2 pairs.

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kunal-ftKunal Patni finishes 9th for Rs 87,500

Time: 5:17 Level:18 Blinds: 3000/6000/500

Kunal goes all-in with 40,500 and Nitesh calls to showdown:

Kunal: s6d4

Nitesh: s7d7

Community s10djc8s3hq didn’t bring any help to Kunal and ends his tournament in 9th place.

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Jagdeep Singh chipping up

Time: 5:05 Level:18 Blinds: 3000/6000/500

Small Blind Jagdeep limps and Rajat in the Big Blind also checks to see the flop dqckd3. Both the players check and the dealer brings c3 on turn.  Jagdeep bets 25,000 and Rajat calls. River hq gets checked.

Jagdeep Singh takes down the pot with sqs3 completing a Full House.

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Manoj stacking up

Time: 4:45 Level:18 Blinds: 3000/6000/500

Jugdeep from UTG open with 16,000 which Rajat, Jujhar and Manoj calls to see the flop d2sks9. Players check around and turn comes h2. Jujhar checks and Manoj bets 32,000 which Jagdeep calls but Rajat and Jujhar folds.

River d10 is checked by both the players. Manoj takes down the pot with h10c9 with 2 pairs.

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Final Table starts

Time: 4:30 Level:17 Blinds: 2500/5000/500

25-deepstack-ft - Copy

After a short break, the final table of 9 players has started. Jagdeep Singh is leading in chip counts with a stack of 291,300.

Jagdeep Singh – 291,300

Rajat Jain – 251,000

Manoj  R – 232,300

Jujhar Kochar – 226,600

Nitesh Baliyan – 204,800

Kunal Patni – 136,800

Y J Kim – 114,200

Shravan Chhbaria – 48,600

Anuj Gupta – 37,300

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Vikranth Varma finishes in 10th Rs 87,500

Time: 4:12 Level:17 Blinds: 2500/5000/500

Manoj and Jagdeep limps while Vikrant goes all-in preflop. Both the opponents call to reach the flop s1d9d10. Flop and Turn h7 gets checked. On river s8 Jagdeep bets 25,000 and Manoj Folds. At the showdown:

Jagdeep with cjcq shows a straight to take down the pot.

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Anirudh Bakshi eliminted in 11th place

Time: 3:53 Level:17 Blinds: 2500/5000/500

Anirudh goes all-in preflop with over 19,000 chips and Kim makes the call. At the showdown:

Anirudh: s10d1

Kim: c1dq

Kim hits another Queen sq on the flop knocking down Anirudh in 11th place.

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praveenPraveen D finishes 12th for Rs 70,000

Time: 3:40 Level:17 Blinds: 2500/5000/500

Jagdeep opens 11K and Praveen goes all-in with h1d10. Jagdeep call and shows c1sk. Flop h10s9ck gives both the players a pair but Jagdeep hits bigger pair of Kings.  Turn s7 River c3 knocks out Praveen in 12th place.

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Zarvan bubbles the tournament

Time: 3:31 Level:16 Blinds: 2000/4000/400

Manoj opens preflop 9500 and Zarvan calls with his short stack going all-in.

Zarvan: djd3

Manoj: d1c1

The board didn’t help Zarvan survive against Manoj’s rockets. Zarvan becomes the unlucky bubble. All 12 players are in money now.

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Ananth eliminated by Kunal Patni

Time: 3:31 Level:16 Blinds: 2000/4000/400

Anath and Kunal reaches the flop c7d5h4 and both the players check. Turn ck and Kunal bets 7000 to which Anant goes all-in. Kunal calls and shows dkd4 making 2 pairs. Ananth having sks10 gets eliminated with sq falling on river.

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Shravan Chhabria doubles up through Nitesh

Time: 3:10 Level:16 Blinds: 2000/4000/400

Shravan anounced all-in preflop and got a call from Nitesh. At the showdown:

Shravan: c1c10

Nitesh: djhk

Table ran d5c3d9d1s10 giving two pairs to Shravan to take down the pot.

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Vikranth doubles up through Zarvan

Time: 3:10 Level:16 Blinds: 2000/4000/400

Vikrant was all-in preflop with over 30,000 chips and hole cards sjhj . Zarvan makes the call with hqdj. The board didn’t improve Zarvan and pot goes to Vikranth.

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Day 2 starts

Time: 3:00 Level:16 Blinds: 2000/4000/400

The 14 survivors of Day 1 are here to play down to the winner. Rs 35 Lacs prize pool to be divided among top 12 players. Good luck to all.