OPN Challenger – Niwesh Sharma

Niwesh Sharma

Niwesh Sharma is a Hyderabad based Market Research analyst and a poker player. He has playing poker for last 6 years. Apart form a few online scores, he has spent most his poker time in the live cash games across several cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Niwesh was introduced into OPN Challenger Series along with other players and he will play across the the series to take a shot at the $10,000 ticket to the world’s biggest poker tournament.

On this page, Niwesh is blogging about his progress in the challenger series.

22nd January 2016

“Once you start thinking you have nothing left to learn, you have everything to learn”.

– Steve Badget

I have been playing poker for more than 6 years now and I think the basic problem faced by the established poker professionals is they get confused after some time as what to do next.

Even I was at similar crossroads when I first applied for OPN Challenger series, however the moment I got selected and was explained the structure of the series by Mr. Mukesh, I realized that there is a big task ahead of me. The prime attraction of the OPN Challenger series is the chance to win WSOP 2016 Main Event ticket.

The series started off pretty well for me, played numerous tournaments and cash games primarily Omaha. Though, the cash games were good, however, got bricked out in most of the tournaments. There have been a few changes in the structure of the series such as only hands above 25/50 blinds to be included which can be helpful for me as I have mostly been playing 50/100 blinds. But, due to some personal commitments I have to give DPT a miss this time, but eagerly waiting for the IPC Feb edition.

In the end, I would like to thank OPN and Adda52 for giving professionals like us who are willing to take poker as their profession, such a big platform to prove their skills and participate in a tournament (WSOP) which is like a dream for every professional poker player.