PokerBaazi VIP RACE – Where Everyone Is A Winner

Registrations For PokerBaazi VIP RACE Start Today – Get a 100% Instant Real Cash Bonus

PokerBaazi VIP RACE is a unique competition where your VIP points can win you a 2.5 LACs package to APT Philippines with India’s ace tournament Pro Abhisek Panda.pokerbaazi-vip-feb-2016

There are three separate VIP Leaderboards each with respective grand prizes. The three categories are Silver, Gold and Platinum. These categories on PokerBaazi are classified as per different stakes of play and hence will attract different levels of competition. The VIP Race will run from 10th Feb to 6th Mar 2016. The PokerBaazi VIP RACE has prizes worth 10 LACs which include some mind-blowing gadgets like iPhone 6S, iPad, Apple Watch, Nexus 5X and big bankrolls.

There are two parameters that make the VIP Race very interesting. One, you have the power to choose and enter any of the three categories. There are three deposits codes mentioned in the table below. Each deposit code gives entry to one category. The concept of you choosing your category yourself gives you a chance to go for the higher categories even if you are a regular at lower or mid stakes. Second, each of these deposit codes will give you an instant 100% real cash bonus up to 50000. So even if you are not the winner, you will be a winner!

Following are the deposit codes:


You can use the deposit codes between 4th Feb & 18th Feb to participate in the VIP RACE.

The Leaderboards of all categories will be visible at

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