What’s in the name: Stories Behind Online Poker Screen Names of Indian Players

Name is the first identity which a person gets after birth but poker screen names is something which he/she coins while entering the online poker space. Although poker screen names come after 18-20 years after the real name, the former becomes an identity of some players. Be it bblacklegend or intervention, pokemon13 or bigggtymer, none of them need to be introduced by their real name in the poker community of India.online-poker-course

Every player thinks and experiments while creating his poker screen name which finally becomes the middle name for most of them. OPN spoke to a few Indian poker players and tried to know the story behind their poker screen name. Read the interesting stories below and share your story behind your poker screen name.

Amit Jain

We were playing an INR 2K tourney in a banquet hall in legend hotel in Bombay it was for the BPC (Bombay poker championship).

One fine day Masood Shaikh told me one his stories which still stays with me where in he was like super super duper deep in a biggg tournament online (Sunday Million now I know the name) where the first prize he said was more than a Crore and he got disconnected with like 18 left or something and back then internet wasn’t what it is today and he tried calling all his friends early in the morning but to no avail and he was forced to sit out of the tourney. I was like, he must be lying. How can you ever win more than a crore in one single tournament..! I mean it’s impossible. So, that very day I came home and made an account to check out what this online thing is..!

Because I was at hotel legend I kind of knew what my User ID would be. I tried keeping legend but it wasn’t available then, I had to add something to it so I added black but even that wasn’t available. I was like let me try one extra B and it was available. lol..! Hence, bblacklegend

Abhishek Goindi

Abibrunson on Full Tilt! I was 18 when I created this ID. I had heard so much of Doyle Brunson when I started and the super system was one of the first books I read. So, I was highly inspired by him and used his name in my user ID.

Arvindhan LakshmiNarayanan

My screen name is quite a funny story. I used to be a reg cash grinder in Bangalore. I’m known to give bad beats. People used to go on major tilt and reload and just shove on my raises. A friend of mine suggested why don’t I play online? I never have played tourneys that time and thought like alright let’s give it a shot. I gave almost several funny screen names but all were in use already and I called up my friend and yelled at him. He was like, chill mate why don’t u think of something with tilt related. I was like ok, let me try tiltmaker – taken, tiltubad-taken, tiltubad-taken, tiltalert86 – available —– bink. Same night I bought $200 from him and shipped PokerStars Hot 11. Lol…! It’s the same across all sites ever since then.

Sumit Sapra

Well, I wanted my screen name to be baryonyx, which is the name of a fish-eating dinosaur. baryonyx wasn’t available so went for boronyx, which was a close resemblance. That screen name has now stuck on and I use it across a lot of sites

Kartik Ved

My first id “pegasus1505” came in when someone was creating an ID for me back then and I didnt know what to keep it as. So, my friend read pegasus on my T-shirt and said keep it as that, numeric was mandatory so my birthdate. At present “theinternetkid” cause that is what they call me in college because I’m always on my laptop.

Rajeev Raut

My online id is SANTARAVE which was the biggest Christmas Rave Party in Goa in my College Days of the 90s. My Other online ID is INDIANIVEY…. Needless to say what I consider myself to be.

Abhineet Jain

I have pokemon13 as my id on all sites. It was my first id and I continued with it and have no other ids. When I had to make an id for the first time, I wanted to keep something funny which people can relate with and wasn’t too intimidating. The number 13 is just a superstition as it has been lucky for me J

Vikram Kumar

My online poker screen name is Caprese512. Actually my wife created an I’d for me and she used this lady’s handbag brand. haha..! It’s same across all sites.

Dhaval Mudgal

To be honest when I made my PS I’d I gave it like no thought. Zoso is a symbol used for my favourite band Led Zeppelin and I just made it dhavalzoso. I’m dirtyzoso on most sites now though.

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