Canadian Player “A.Urli” Wins the PokerStars Sunday Million 10th Anniversary Tournament

Canadian player ‘a.urli’ won the Sunday Million 10th Anniversary tournament for $970,000. After nearly 16 hours at the virtual tables, the player finished first from a total of 55,059 entries (including 9,706 re-entries) to scoop the prize of nearly $1 million. A total of 8,208 players were paid in this tournament. Among Indian players, ‘arsenicistheansr‘ took 485th place for $2,207.86 while ‘SammyBigstac‘ finished 178th for $6,803.09.sunday-million-10M

A deal was made four-handed, before ‘a.urli’ went on to secure the milestone title by beating ‘mladenova62’ heads-up. ‘a.urli’s previous biggest online tournament prize at PokerStars was $40,184, which was won when finishing runner-up in a WCOOP event in 2014.

The prize pool of $11,011,800 made it the fourth richest online poker tournament ever, bettered only by two previous Sunday Million special anniversary tournaments and the 2010 WCOOP Main Event. The record prize pool still stands at $12,423,200. The first place prize payout was the 18th largest in PokerStars online tournament history.

It took 10 hours of action for the field to get down to 200 players, then by 12 hours there were less than 50. Thirteen hours into the event they were down to just 18 players around the last two tables, with ‘juan_cde55’ then leading with close to 80 million. ‘a.urli’ entered the final table in chip lead after the fall of ‘silasinho’ in 10th place for $70,694.65. a.urli had a stack of 177 million  and mladenova62 the nearest challenger started with just over 95 million.

Final Table Chip Counts

Seat 1: Superfizzy (Germany) — 37,841,339

Seat 2: mladenova62 (Bulgaria) — 95,105,837

Seat 3: prophetdream (South Korea) — 28,756,039

Seat 4: a.urli (Canada) — 177,403,220

Seat 5: ThreeBetting (United Kingdom) — 52,587,466

Seat 6: AttiIa88 (Russia) — 57,563,515

Seat 7: TottiLitti (Finland) — 40,403,866

Seat 8: canario508 (Argentina) — 36,516,940

Seat 9: Torsvik (Norway) — 24,411,778

Torsvik was the first elimination on the Final table as Attila88 open-shoved from the cutoff seat and Torsvik called all-in with the 13,611,778 left after posting the big blind. Attlia88 had 55♠ and Torsvik AK, and five cards later – 7♣Q9♠85♣ — Attila88 had a set of fives and Torsvik was out in ninth.

After 15 minutes, TottiLitti departed in 8th place against canario508 followed by Attila88 who lost against prophetdream. It was the chip leader a.urli eliminating Superfizzy in 6th place where the duo got involved in a hand with ThreeBetting and canario508 also in it. a.urli limped from the cutoff and ThreeBetting (button) and canario508 (small blind) both calling. Superfizzy then shoved for 6,253,873 total — just a bit over the 5M big blind — and all three of the others called. The remaining trio checked it down as the board came KQJ♠53♠. SuperFizzy had A♣2, but a.urli’s A8♠ meant a better kicker and no one else could beat that, thus ending SuperFizzy’s run in sixth.

Once, ThreeBetting got eliminated in the 5th place, the remaining 4 players struck a deal leaving $100K for the winner.

a.urli: $870,000.00

prophetdream: $678,517.78

mladenova62: $650,000.00

canario508: $560,000.00

a.urli went on to win this historic tournament beating mladenova62  heads up. With the blinds at 3.5M/7M, a.urli shoved all-in from the button and mladenova62 called in response, turning over 44♠ and hoping the small pair would hold against a.urli’s T♠8♠. The 85Q flop hit the latter’s hand, however, and after the 9 turn and K♠ river it was all over — a.urli had won!

Final Table Results

  1. a.urli (Canada) $970,000.00*
  2. mladenova62 (Bulgaria) $650,000.00*
  3. prophetdream (South Korea) $678.517.78*
  4. canario508 (Argentina) $560,000.00*
  5. ThreeBetting (United Kingdom) $318,415.00
  6. Superfizzy (Germany) $235,653.62
  7. AttiIa88 (Russia) $174,402.68
  8. TottiLitti (Finland) $129,071.51
  9. Torsvik (Norway) $95,522.96

* Deal Done

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