Lord of Poker: A Role Playing Poker Game with Fantasy Elements Aims to Jazz up the Game

We are 12 weeks into 2016 and all major developments in the world of poker so far leads to only one thing – add more recreational players. Be it the launch of HoldemX by Alex Dreyfus or introduction of StarsCoin with new VIP Program by PokerStars, every poker company/organizer is targeting recreational players with new offerings and promotions. On the same line, two friends from Belarus are creating a mix of poker and eSports to launch a game they are calling the ‘world’s first- role poker game’ known as The Lord of Poker.lord of poker

Alexander Petukh, a marketing and advertising guru has joined hands with Alexander Bernat, a professional poker player to launch this game. As described by the creators on KickStarter, the Lord of Poker is a Role-playing Poker Game (RPPG). RPPG is a unique gaming genre that combines poker, an RPG, and a fantasy card game and expands your gaming experience through innovative gameplay. Below is the mechanics of the game:lord-of-poker-gameplay

The creators are raising funds on Kickstarter and the project will be funded only if at least $100,000 is pledged by Tue, May 3 2016. You can contribute to the project with an amount ranging from $1 to $500. You will be provided with special package in the game based on the amount you contributed. Initially, the game will be available on PC and Mac OSX. Later, the company will port Lord of Poker to all popular gaming and mobile platforms enjoying the benefits of one centralized server. The games will be free to play but will come with a subscription charge of $10 per month.

In Lord of Poker, every class (Assassin, Paladin, Wizard, Druid, and Monk) has attributes distributed between four primary skills:lord of poker skills

There are 5 heroes with a mix of these skill to be chosen  – Assassin, Paladin, Wizard, Druid and Monk (available only for backers). Check out the full details of Lord of Poker on Kickstarter.