Shravan Chhabria and Alok Agarwal Keeps India’s Hope of Red Dragon Alive on Day 3

When 259 players returned on the Day 2 of Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Main Event yesterday, there were 8 Indians in the contest of the title. However, by the end of day’s play, 6 Indian players – Aman Dhamija, Pranay Kapoor, Vidur Sethi, Raghav Bansal, Nikhil Maheswari and Dhaval Mudgal got eliminated from the battle. Shravan Chhabria (147,000) and Alok Agarwal (135,000) are the only 2 Indians among 55 survivors from Day 2 game. Today, all 55 players led by Ukraine’s Kamel Mokhammad (905,000) will return at PokerStars LIVE, City of Dreams, Macau to play down to the Final Table of 9.2015-macau-poker-cup

135 players were in the money on Day 2 after Wing Cheong Chong got eliminated as the bubble boy.  Chong was leading with c1 cj with sj h1 h6 on flop but ended up losing his entire stack against an opponent holding d1 h4 and hitting runner-runner flush as dealer brought h9 h8 on turn & river. All player in the money are guaranteed of HK$22,300 min-cash while the main event champion will take home $HK2,360,000 in first-place prize with the Red Dragon trophy.

Meanwhile, players jumped on to the side vents running at MPC24. Dhaval Mudgal and Raghav Bansal teamed up for the HK$4,000 Team Event and so did the 2 Adda52 pros – Kunal Patni and Madan Kumar. Dhaval Mudgal was the defending champion in this event but his team with Raghav finished in 6th place this time. Kunal’s team too couldn’t make it to the top and ended up in 11th place.

Top 10 Chip Counts from Red Dragon Day 2

#1 Kamel Mokhammad (Ukraine) – 905,000

#2 Yiu Wah Kwok (Hong Kong) – 715,000

#3 Tianhong Su (China) – 712,000

#4 Chien-jung Huang (Taiwan) – 641,000

#5 Inaki Joseba Santos Armendariz (Spain) – 628,000

#6 Huitong Cao (China) – 579,000

#7 Chia-chi Liu (Taiwan) – 542,000

#8 Chong Yu (China) – 539,000

#9 Weihang Chen (China) – 532,000

#10 Yuexin Wang (China) – 503,000