Daniel Negreanu Voted the Top ‘Knockout’ Target; PokerStars Launches Knockout Poker Modifying Bounty Number

Daniel Negreanu has topped a worldwide poll of poker players as the person most people would like to knock out of a poker tournament, in a survey conducted by PokerStars. The ‘Poker Brat’, Phil Hellmuth, was the second most popular choice, with 10-time World Series of Poker champion Phil Ivey in third (see full polling results below).knockout-poll

The survey coincides with the release of PokerStars Knockout Poker – a tournament format exclusively available online at PokerStars. Every time a player knocks out another player, they win a share of the tournament prize money. This gives more players more chances to win, more often.

Football superstar Neymar Jr will be the face of PokerStars Knockout Poker as it launches with a comprehensive marketing campaign globally.  “I love winning on the football pitch, and I love the opportunity to win instantly in Knockout Poker,” said Neymar Jr.  “It takes an ordinary game of poker and makes it more fun, with more winning moments!”knockout-pokerstars

PokerStars Knockout Poker

The tournament prize money will be split 50/50, with 50% going to the ‘normal’ prize pool and the other 50% being awarded for ‘knockouts’, with players winning a share every time they eliminate an opponent. The game will be quick, easy to pick up, and players will be able to win bounty prizes even if they don’t win the overall tournament.

Game Formats Available

PokerStars Knockout Poker will initially be available in a variety of game formats, including:

36-player hyper-turbo SNG at $1 and $5 buy-ins

24-player hyper-turbo SNG at $10 buy-in

6-player hyper-turbo SNG at $1.50, $3.50, and $7 buy-ins

Scheduled MTTs will build upon PokerStars’ already-extensive knockout tournament offering

Game types and stake levels may be changed and expanded in response to player demand.

Global Television Advertising

PokerStars has previously announced a broad-based strategy to grow poker by introducing the game to new audiences, and by introducing innovative new formats of the game. The launch of PokerStars Knockout Poker is a part of this, and PokerStars will run a global television advertising campaign to support this innovation and growth. The TV ad will be running in United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Ukraine, Belarus, Spanish Latin America, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Balkans.

You can watch the English-language version of the television advertisement here: