Heads Up With the Adda52 Millions Winner – Arsh Grover


Adda52 Millions, India’s best online tournament which started in September 2015 was played for the 8th time on 24th April. The 10,000 buy-in freeze-out tourney drew 107 entries and in the end, it was PokerHigh Pro Arsh Grover taking down the top prize of Rs 3,11,370. Arsh beat Rajat Sharma heads up to win the tournament.

OPN spoke to Arsh about this big win at the Indian online felt. Arsh shares his experience of Adda52 Millions as well as his progresses in 2016.

Hi Arsh, thanks for your conversation with OPN. Firstly, congratulations on winning the ‘Adda52 Millions’.  How has this year been for you so far at the virtual felt?

Arsh – Thanks for this Interview. This year has been pretty swingy so far but I’m putting in a lot of volume so I’m sure it’s going to turn soon!

Coming to Adda52 Millions, How was the field and what do you think propelled you to the top?

Arsh – I think the field was pretty soft as I expected. The level of play on Indian poker sites isn’t that high as a lot more people are just being introduced to poker and MTT’s with India’s market slowly booming. I just played my standard game, I really liked the structure and 30k starting stacks so that definitely helped!

What was the turning point for you in this tournament?

Arsh – I got in Queens 14bb effective and was unfortunate to run into Kings with around 16 people left but somehow managed to win that pot. On the FT once I got a decent chip lead it was pretty easy putting the ICM Pressure on the other players.

You beat “Oshoswami” heads-up to win the tourney. He has won Adda52 Millions back in November 2014. How was the heads up?

Arsh – It was a fun heads up as Rajat Sharma is a good friend. If I remember correctly I had a slight chip advantage going into Heads Up Play. We were roughly 35bb deep and it was a pretty quick match. He played well, we both flopped big and got it in with him having KJ on J32cc and we had A3cc for Pair + Nut Flush Draw. Roughly 14 outs to get there and essentially a post flop flip.

Apart from playing online, you travelled to Europe last year for live tournaments. Are you planning for any foreign poker trip this year? Adda52 is organizing WPT satellites. Have you taken a shot at winning the package?

Arsh – Yeah I’m definitely planning to go for the next EPT Stop and hopefully WSOP Australia later this year. I have heard about the WPT Satellites and will definitely try some of them out.

You were the first to live stream MTT on Twitch in India. Can we see more streams by BigggTymeR in future?

Arsh – I’m definitely planning to do it in the future. Not really sure when but I should be out there!

Apart from playing poker, you also started to coach new players for MTTs. How is the progress at the coaching front?

Arsh – It’s going pretty good so far. A lot of my students have had a lot of success in the last few months and it’s always a good feeling when that happens. It’s been over a year now, and with the students even I’m improving as a coach!

2015 was a good year for the poker industry of India in terms of growth. How do you see 2016 going? What are your expectations as an Indian poker player this year?

Arsh – 2015 was a brilliant year for poker in India with so many Live Events all across the country and the online scene really picking up. I’m pretty optimistic that 2016 is going to be even bigger.

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