Heads Up With Vikram Kumar, the Newly Appointed PokerBaazi Pro

PokerBaazi has expanded it Team Pro with the announcement of Vikram Kumar as their new sponsored pro today. Chennai native Vikram will be sharing the badge of PokerBaazi with 2 the existing pros – Abhishek Panda and Paawan Bansal. Vikram who got introduced to poker via Zynga in 2008 pursued his passion for the game in Bangalore and Colombo before emerging out in the mainstream poker community of India. Wining the 50k IPC High Roller event in Oct 2015 and securing 5th place in the 5k warm-up event in the same series established him in the leagues of rising players of the country.

In January this year, Vikram enrolled in the OPN Challenger Series along with 11 other poker talents of India to take a shot at winning the $10,000 Main Event ticket to the world’s biggest poker tournament. He added another accolade to his poker resume by finishing 4th in the 30k Main Event of IPC in Feb 2016.vikram kumar pokerbaazi pro

Now, as he joins the pro team for PokerBaazi today, OPN India has a conversation with him to know his thoughts and plans as a sponsored pro.

Congratulations on joining PokerBaazi Pro Team. Your thoughts on this association?

Vikram – First of all thanks..! It’s a pleasure to be associated with a big brand like PokerBaazi. It’s like coming together of bunch of like mind people and Navi Kiran has been a good friend in circuit and admire his work ethics. To be joining with a pro team which comprises Paawan and Panda is exciting and I’m sure it’s going to be lot of fun.

Sponsorship plays an important role in a poker player’s professional career. How beneficial is it at this stage of your career?

Vikram – It’s sure something that all aspiring poker players look forward to and coming this early in my poker journey is sweet. It gives me the inspiration to do well and be disciplined in this dream journey. Thanks to Team Baazi for giving me this opportunity.

With sponsorship come the responsibilities. How will you be adding value to the company you represent?

Vikram – It’s nice to be responsible and in short I would like to add value by working towards the goal of the brand. I’ll try to be a good ambassador for team Baazi and for the sport in itself in the capacity that I could.

What are your poker plans ahead in 2016?

Vikram – Firstly I’ll be grinding a lot online cash games on PokerBaazi. Then, I’ll travel within India to meet poker buddies from other cities and play games. I’ll also try for one or two tournament series at the Asian circuit this year if time permits.

OPN India wishes good luck to Vikram Kumar in his future endeavors as PokerBaazi Team Pro.