Adda52 LIVE Tournament May’16: 2 Lac GTD Event – Live Reporting

Mukunda Dashrathy wins the 2 Lac GTD Adda52 LIVE tournament

Time: 3:50 Level: 17 Blinds: 3000/6000/1000

The remaining 3 players struck a deal giving Mukund the winning trophy and Rs 48,000. Praveen and Prateek took home Rs 50,000 each.

Avinash finished 4th for Rs 21,500

Time: 3:37 Level: 17 Blinds: 3000/6000/1000

Prateek opened 12,000 to which Avinash went all-in and he called.

Prateek: s1c1

Avinash: d8s10

Community didn’t save Avinash from getting eliminated in 4th place.

Manoj (6th/Rs 12,000) & Sanjay (5th/Rs 15,000) eliminated

Time: 3:30 Level: 17 Blinds: 3000/6000/1000

Two more elimination in the last hour after lots of chip swing has led us to the final 4 players in the tournament.  Mukunda is leading the final 4 with over 160,000 chips.

George (8th/Rs 9,000) & Anupam (7th/Rs 10,500) eliminated

Time: 2:30 Level: 14 Blinds: 1500/3000/500

The tournament is down to last 6 players after the elimination of George and Anupam in 8th & 7th places respectively. Here are the chip counts:

Mukunda – 102,000

Sanjay – 82,000

Prvaeen – 70,000

Manoj – 68,000

Prtaeek – 50,000

Avinash – 16,000


Gurmeet money bubbles the tournament

Time: 2:24 Level: 14 Blinds: 1500/300/500

Mukunda opened 9500 with d1dq and Gurmeet went all-in which he called. Gurmeet showed s9d9 but the dealer brought h7cqh1 giving Mukunda two pair to take down the pot. Gurmeet became the unlucky bubble.

Praveen doubled up through Sanjay

Time: 2:05 Level: 13 Blinds: 1000/2000/300

Sanjay opened with 4000 from cutoff to which Praveen jammed. Snajay called another 18000 to showdown.

Praveen: hkcj

Sanjay: d1c7

The dealer brought c10sqs5 on flop. Turn c9 completed Praveen’s straight to take down the pot.

Nitin eliminated as Final Table Bubble

Time: 1:30 Level: 12 Blinds: 900/1800/200

Nitin went all-in preflop and got a call from Shashank.

Nitin: h1c6

Shashank: s1s7

The dealer brought 2 more sevens on flop and Nitin got eliminated.

Rs 2,16,000 in prize pool; 8 places paid

Time: 1:15 Level: 11 Blinds: 800/1600/200

8 places will be paid in the tournament from the prize pool of Rs 2.16 Lacs. Here is payout list:

#1 73,000

#2 45,000

#3 30,000

#4 21,500

#5 15,000

#6 12,000

#7 10,500

#8 9,000

End of Level 10; 15 players remaining

Time: 1:10 Level: 11 Blinds: 800/1600/200

After 10 levels of game, only 15 players are remaining in the tournament. Here are the major chip counts:

Sanjay – 65,000

Manoj – 65,000

Mukunda – 52,000

Gurmeet – 35,000

Anupam – 37,000

Praveen – 28,000

Sumit eliminated by Mukunda

Time: 12:34 Level: 10 Blinds: 600/1200/200

Sumit open raised to 2500 which Sanjay and Mukunda called to see the flop h9sjdq. Sumit went all-in and Snajay folded but Mukunda called.

Sumit showed c1hq but Mukunda had flopped a straight with ckh10 which was suffeicient to claim the pot irresepctive of turn d1 & river d10.

Guru eliminated

Time: 12:25 Level: 9 Blinds: 500/1000/200

Guru pushed his stack of 6550 in the middle of the felt with h1s9 and Mukunda called with d8s8. Mukunda’s pocket pair held up against Guru on a brick board. Guru’s tournament run came to an end.

Gurpreet chipping up

Time: 11:52 Level: 8 Blinds: 400/800/100

Gurpreet open 1000 which Mukunda and Arvind calls to see the flop s5d8c7. Gurpreet bets 2500 and again gets call from both the other players. Turn c9 was checked around. On river h7, Gurpreet bets 5000 to which Mukunda folded but Arvind called.

Gurpreet shows d1c6 to claim the pot with a straight.

Rohit eliminated by Neeraj

Time: 11:45 Level: 7 Blinds: 300/600/75

Short stacked Rohit put his remaining chips 4,500 in the middle and got a call from Neeraj.

Rohit: dkh10

Neeraj: s1sk

Neeraj wins the pot and eliminates Rohit as another Ace comes on flop.

Arvind eliminated in the war of pockets pairs

Time: 11:35 Level: 6 Blinds: 200/400/50

After the first break in the tournament, 47 players resumed the battle. In a hand on table 3, Arvind went all-in preflop with stack above 12,000. He got two callers – Vijendra and Eka.  At the showdown:

Arvind: d10h10

Vijendra: s1c1

Eka: dksk

The community d3s7sqh7d9 didn’t improve anyone’s hand and Arvind got busted while Eka got short stacked as Vijendra collected the pot.

Snajeev eliminated by Guru

Time: 10:58 Level: 5 Blinds: 150/300/25

Snajeev put his small stack of 1975 in the middle and Guru called to showdown:

Sanjeev: hkh7

Guru: h8h6

Guru collected the pot with 2 pairs on the board running sjs9s1djs6. Snajeev got eliminated from the tournament.

Praveen doubles up through Kalyan

Time: 10:45 Level: 5 Blinds: 150/300/25

Kalyan open raised to 1000 and Praveen went all-in. Kalyan called to showdown:

Praveen: d9h9

Kalyan: c1h10

Praven pocket pair help up against Kalyan on the board running d7h5s7h8dj.

Simon doubles up

Time: 10:22 Level: 4 Blinds: 100/200/25

On flop c5d6h2, Neeraj bet 4200 to which Simon went all-in.

Simon: d4s4

Neeraj: s5c6

Neeraj was leading with 2 pairs but c4 on turn gave Simon a set of fours and with h9 on river, he collected the pot.

Eka elimintes Sunny

Time: 10:02 Level: 3 Blinds: 75/100/0

Sunny, a short stack on table 3 went all-in preflop with ckc8 and met one caller – Eka who showed c1hj. Community sqd4s7h2s9 gave Eka the pot and Sunny got busted.

Srinivasan eliminated

Time: 09:34 Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50/0

On table 1, Raman went preflop all-in and Srinivasan too put all his chips in the pot. Arvind called to reach the showdown. Arvind cqd8 flopped the top pair on flop d2h8d6. Another six h6 on turn gave him 2 pairs and with h9 on the river, the other two players got eliminated.


Shuffle Up & Deal

Time: 09:15 Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50/0

The tournament has started with the announcement – Shuffle Up & Deal by the tournament director. Initially, the game has begun on 5 tables and it will expand with the option of late-registration till 5th level. Manoj R, Eka, Simon Mint, Praveen Dwarkanath, Srinivasan, Sujeeth S, Adarsh J & Guru are among the notable faces with several tourney regulars.


adda52-live-2 lac-mayWelcome to OPN’s live coverage of Adda52 LIVE 7 Lac GTD Tournament Series. The first event brings Rs 2 Lac in guaranteed prize pool for Rs 3,000 buy-in. The action will kick off today at 9PM with each players getting a stack of 5,000 with blinds of 25/50 which changes every 20 minutes. A late registration window is open till the 5th level while players can re-enter one time in the same duration.

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