Cheat Sheet of PMT Fantasy League Team Selection has launched first ever online poker fantasy in the country enticing thousands of online skill game players to compete for Rs 1 Lac in prize money. The most exciting part of the PMT fantasy league is that there is no buy-in or entry fee. All you need to do is draft your fantasy team out of the 100 listed players and there you go.

Winning at Fantasy Poker requires a strong and balanced team as per the actual poker tournaments listed in the series. As PMT Fantasy has a free entry and only one league to compete, you do not need to put in any efforts in planning for the buy-in range like they do in other fantasy sport. You have to utilize all your skills to pick the best team which can fetch maximum points in the 20 tournaments of Poker Millionaire Tour Online Season 1.PMT Fantasy League Team Selection

One can create a fantasy poker team based on the wins and ITM data displayed against each player as well as one’s judgement of players. But, remember, you have only 1,000 points to pick 6 players. You may end up picking your favourite players but find yourself unable to complete a team of 6 players.

To ease out the team selection process, divide the 100 draftable players in 5 categories:

  1. Players with points ≥ 300
  2. Players with points ≥ 200
  3. Players with points ≥ 150
  4. Players with points ≥ 100
  5. Players with points < 100

Now, take the average point of each bracket of players.

Bracket 1 – 352

Bracket 2 – 239.25

Bracket 3 – 172.68

Bracket 4 – 124.68

Bracket 5 – 86.05

By looking at the average values, you can decide how many players you can pick from each bracket. Spending the 1,000 points wisely will fetch you the maximum reward on 24th May when results of the PMT Fantasy League will be declared.

Another important factor you should consider while drafting your fantasy team is which players will play what range of tournament. As, the PMT Online Season 1 has tourneys starting with a buy-in of Rs 160 to the Main Event of buy-in Rs 5,500. Some of the player in team should be playing the daily sub-500 buy-in tourneys while the other could be playing the biggest events of the day.  You may also take another look at the 100 player list and may find some all-rounders who love to grind the entire series (20 tourneys) as Adda52 is organizing super satellites on 18th May. In all, you have to find a right balance among your team players so that your team plays maximum of the events.

You may find some players who are in the Top 100 list but do not have any win or ITM. This means they have been consistently playing PMT events and have made deep runs but failed to cash. You may pick one of them as they are the ones eager to win the big events this season.

17th May is the deadline to create your PMT Fantasy team. Make your dream team and win huge.